Entrance requirements: graduate studies

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology


Accreditation standards require that we limit the number of students in our program; as such, only students who have been formally admitted to graduate school can enroll in SHS graduate courses. Audiology receives an average of 22 applications each year; 6 to 8 students are accepted annually. Speech-language pathology receives an average of 100 applications each year; 20 to 25 students are accepted annually.

TOEFL scores

The College of Health requires a minimum TOEFL score of 550 for all non-English speaking graduate applicants (who graduated from non-English speaking Universities); SHS requires a minimum score of 560.


Graduate admissions are competitive, so students with the highest GPA and GRE score have the best chance for acceptance. Factors such as extra-curricular activities, prior work experience, and letters of recommendation are also considered.

The following table provides a "snapshot" of students we've accepted from previous years.

Mean GPAs and GRE scores from previous years
2009 5164313.73.6 4684263.73.4
2010 5434733.73.6 5624663.93.6
2011 5294043.03.7 5044463.93.6
2012 (143*)
3.5 450 (141*)478 (152*)3.93.4
2013 (145*)
*Revised scoring system

Transfer Credit

The graduate school allows up to six hours of graduate transfer credit to be applied to the master's and Au.D. programs with the approval of the Department Chair and the Dean of the Graduate School.


Undergraduate Major (Leveling-in)

The department requires that applicants for graduate studies in audiology and speech-language pathology have an undergraduate major in communication sciences and disorders. For individuals with a degree in another field, the department requires that applicants complete the sequence of "leveling-in" courses listed below; these courses consider normal communicaton processes as well as foundations of prevention, assessment, and treatment of communicative disorders. Once completed, individuals may apply for graduate studies.

  • (3 hrs) SHS 201 [Introduction to Phonetics]
  • (4 hrs) SHS 202 / 202 L [Fundamentals of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Lab]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 221 [Introduction to Audiology]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 301 [Language and Speech Development]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 302/303 [A & P of the Hearing or Speech Mechanism]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 306 [Basic Neuroanatomy in Speech-Language Pathology]
  • (1 hr) SHS 311/313 [Clinical Assisting- Speech or Hearing]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 411 [Articulation Disorders]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 421 [Aural Rehabilitation]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 431 or 432 [Language Disorders I or II]
  • (3 hrs) SHS 450 [Observation]

Credit for courses completed at another institution is determined by the academic adviser.
1999-2000 SHS Academic Handbook

Updated: 4/3/14