The Council for American Instructors of the Deaf (CAID) is the student professional organization in deaf education. CAID sponsors a variety of educational functions, including its Annual Literacy Conference, which draws teachers of the deaf and students from across the south-central states. Dr. Kelly Metz serves as the group's faculty adviser.



Students enrolled in our Au.D. program are eligible for membership in the Student Academy of Audiology, a non-profit professional student group dedicated to education, research, and networking in audiology. Dr. Kim Ward is the group's faculty adviser.


SSHA- 2014

The Southern Miss chapter of The Student Speech and Hearing Association [SSHA] sponsors a variety of community service projects as well as the annual Christmas party and Easter Egg Hunt for children in the DuBard School and The Children's Center.

SSHA membership enables students to attend the annual MSHA conference at no charge. Members are also eligible for reduced fees when applying for ASHA membership. Jennifer Goshorn is the group's faculty adviser.