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Student Activities Ambassador Description

Student Activities Ambassador 2014-2015 Position Description Packet

What is a Student Activities Ambassador?

The Office of Student Activities utilizes student ambassadors to help further the mission of the office. SA Ambassadors have four main purposes:

    1. Serve as Certified Event Planners for student organizations and student organization leaders.
    2. Serve as Peer Involvement Educators through involvement consultations with new and current students.
    3. Assist the office with special events and projects, as needed—including leadership initiatives, speaking opportunities, and involvement fairs.
    4. Participate in monthly leadership training and development meetings within the office.
General Requirements

Who is eligible to participate?

Any full-time undergraduate students who are active student leaders on campus in good academic standing should apply!
  • In good academic standing with Southern Miss—2.0 GPA or higher.
  • You must be able to commit office hours each week.
  • Be involved in at least one registered student organization.
  • You must have a desire to help students find their niche on campus and want to seek to help students connect with student organizations on campus that meet their interests.
What Do Ambassadors Do?
  • Participate in leadership training several times a year.
  • Participate in office initiatives such as Move-In Day, Involvement Fairs, Student Leadership Workshops,etc.
  • Meet with students about opportunities for involvement on campus.
  • Meet with student organizations to help them plan large events on campus.
  • Visit freshmen courses to talk to students about the importance of involvement to their success outside of the classroom and overall retention as a student at Southern Miss.
What are the benefits of being a Student Activities Ambassador?
  • Being a Student Activities Ambassador allows YOU to develop skills as a leader on campus in areas such as communication, motivation, goal setting and more.
  • Being a Student Activities Ambassador also allows YOU to give back to the university through helping other students succeed through successful involvement on campus.
  • You also get some pretty cool Student Activities Ambassador attire.
  • And… you get to work with the Office of Student Activities to make sure students feel connected to their university through involvement and leadership opportunities.
Specific Expectations of Ambassadors

Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Provide a positive environment for students and student organizations by being hospitable, friendly, outgoing, and willing to answer student questions.
  • Possess strong communication skills and ability to communicate with both students and student organizations about their involvement experience at Southern Miss.
  • Check e-mail daily for involvement consultation opportunities, meeting updates and other important information.
  • Have ability to engage student conversation regarding the college involvement process and student life at Southern Miss.
  • Be willing to go above and beyond basic responsibilities of Ambassador. This can include, but is not limited to: providing e-mail address for student follow-up, helping the Student Activities staff plan and implement events, and writing follow-up postcards to students.
  • Attend ALL Student Activities Ambassador meetings (scheduled during summer training).
  • Serve on one of three committees (Social Media Team, Leadership Development Team, or Involvement Team) and commit to attending committee meetings as they are established.
  • Attend the events, meetings, and trainings for 2014-2015 Student Activities Ambassadors (see tentative ambassador schedule).



Tentative Dates for 2014-2015 Student Activities Ambassadors

These are some of the expected dates/events required of ambassadors:

  • January 2014: Applications available for 2014-2015 SA Ambassadors
  • Monday, January 27 & Monday, February 3: SA Ambassadors Interest Meetings 5:30 pm in the Student Activities Hub
  • Monday, February 10: Applications for 2014-2015 Ambassador Team Due
  • February 2014: Interviews scheduled for qualified SA Ambassador Candidates
  • February-March 2014: Selection of 2014-2015 Ambassadors
  • April 2014: Newly Selected Ambassador Meeting & committee appointments made—TBA
  • Wednesday, April 16, 2014: Student Activities Leadership Speaker
  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014: Student Activities Presidents and Advisors Luncheon—announcement of new SAA and recognition of 2013-2014 SAA
  • May 2014—after finals week: Student Activities Ambassador Boot Camp and Orientation
  • June through August 2014: Attend at least one (1) Student Activities Session during Orientation for new students
  • July through September 2014: Assist with Student Activities Orientation Sessions for Student Organization Leaders. Ambassadors will be expected to lead at least one session with one-two other ambassadors
  • August 2014: Golden Eagle Welcome Week Involvement Fair
  • Wednesday, August 20: Fall 2014 classes begin and SAA Office Hours begin.
  • August 2014: First meeting of fall 2014 semester (scheduled at Boot Camp and Orientation)
  • August 2014: Student Activities Involve Me! Involvement Fair
  • August 2014: Union and Programs Retreat
  • August through October: Involvement consultations scheduled with new and current students
  • August through November: Speaking opportunities with freshmen success and leadership courses
  • October 2014: Host leadership workshop
  • October 2014: Begin planning Student Activities Leadership Retreat
  • November 2014: Host leadership workshop
  • December 2014: Host leadership workshop
  • December 2014: Assist in recruitment of SA Ambassadors 2015-2016
  • January 2015: Student Activities Involve Me! Involvement Fair
  • January/February 2015: Student Activities Leadership Retreat
  • February 2015: Ambassador Interviews for 2015-2016
  • February 2015: Host leadership workshop
  • March 2015: Selection of 2015-2016 Ambassadors
  • April 2015: Student Activities Presidents’ and Advisors’ Luncheon—recognition of 2014-2015 Ambassadors announcement of 2015-2016 Ambassadors
  • May 2015: Boot Camp and Orientation for 2015-2016 Ambassadors