Games and Athletic Student Organizations

Be sure to file the 2013-2014 Organization Information Form to have your organization's information listed on the Student Activities Website.
Badminton Club

We learn and practice Badminton in one of the Payne center gym courts. We meet twice in every week. Some of our club members are very experienced in Badminton. New comers/beginners could learn a lot of techniques from them. The club is open for beginners, moderate & expert players.

President: Bharath Kandula Email Bharath

Ballroom Dance Club

The purpose of the USMBDC is to provide, advance, and encourage the opportunity to learn and practice the fine art of ballroom dancing at USM.

President: Ryan Parker Email Ryan

Diamond Darlings

The Diamond Darlings are there to assist the baseball team in any way possible. We have a number of duties such as working the field, sell raffle tickets, pass out promotions given by local businesses, etc. We also have a bat buddy who we give goodies to throughout the season to wish them good luck.

President: Calan McWilliams Email Calan

Dixie Darlings Dance Team

The Dixie Darlings are the university's precision dance team. They perform alongside The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band for all USM's home football games. They also make appearances at pep rallies. In addition to dancing in the fall semester, the Dixie Darlings volunteer at a variety of community service events throughout the year. This group of nearly fifty dedicated women has been a tradition of excellence at Southern Miss since 1954.

President: Jamie Jelinski Email Jamie

Game Over!

We are a reboot of USM Gaming Community. We aim to provide a safe, peaceful and stress free environment for USM students to relax and enjoy recreational activities on campus. We wish to benefit the image of USM and gamers overall by participating in charities and outreach programs.

President: Earnest Couch Email Ernest

High DEF

Dance Crew on campus to help males grow as people, dancers, and performers.

President: George Elmore Email George

Martial Arts Club

We practice Shito-Ryu Karate, as well as learn self defense techniques, and improve physical and mental wellness.

President: Bryan Herd Email Bryan

Men’s Rugby Team

A member of the Deep South Rugby Conference which competes against other member colleges in matches and tournaments in both 7s and 15s.

President: Marqiece Cunningham Email Marqiece

Men’s Soccer Club

The USM Men's Soccer plays against club teams from other universities throughout the southeast.

President: James BuenoEmail James

Quidditch Team

The University of Southern Mississippi quidditch team strives to play the game of quidditch competitively for fun and to bring recognition to themselves and the school.

President: Nicolas KubickiEmail Nicolas

Recreation Majors Association

Our student organization is for students majoring in Recreation. We are involved on campus and in the community to further our profession.

President: Hannah CulpepperEmail Hannah

Rhythm Rush Dance Team

Rhythm Rush is a DIVERSE Dance Team Organization that emphasizes in the appreciation of artistic dance. Rhythm Rush is a Dance Team Organization that utilizes all the gifts and styles of each unique dance team member to create the ultimate dance fusion and style. Rhythm Rush is open to any ,chosen through audition, female at the University with any sort of dance training with emphasis in Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary.

President: Keturah Robinson Email Keturah

Southern Miss Bass Fishing Team

This is a club dedicated to maintaining a competitive bass fishing team for the University of Southern Mississippi where members will enjoy club tournaments as well as qualifying for, and competing in intercollegiate tournaments with colleges from across the nation.

President: John LadnerEmail John

Southern Miss College Ultimate Frisbee

We are the Ultimate Frisbee team on campus. We travel around the Southeast Region competing in tournaments and provide a fun, stress-free environment to learn the game of ultimate and appreciate the finer aspects of a complex game. We practice twice a week and play in roughly 5-7 tournaments any given season. We accept people of all skill levels, genders, and abilities.

President: Daniel Beck Email Daniel

Sport Coaching Education CLub

The purpose of our organiztion is to provide professional development and networking opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students attending the University of Southern Mississippi. We also aspire to promote community development and enhancement of all efforts related to the study of human performance and recreation featuring involvement of sport coaches.

President: Luke Gipson Email Luke

Sports Officials Association

The Southern Miss Sports Officials Association is committed to promoting student development through sports competition. We are comprised of Intramural Sports officials who are dedicated to providing a quality and fair sports experience for the Southern Miss Community.

President: Steven Knecht Email Steven

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

To unite the voice of the student-athlete population, and to serve in an advisory role to the Athletics Department regarding issues relevant to student athlete's welfare, access and equity.

President: Alan Howze Email Alan

Student Eagle Club

The Student Eagle Club is a student organization which promotes awareness and student involvement in athletics on campus.

President: Taylor McCrary Email Taylor

Table Tennis Club

We are the table tennis club of USM. We offer a place for ping pong players across campus to get together and play. We meet weekly to practice and play matches against one another.

President: Ryan Coleman Email Ryan

Women’s Lacrosse Club

Women's Lacrosse Club is a group of athletes from all different athletic backgrounds who compete in the game of lacrosse against teams from various states. No experience in the game of lacrosse is required. The only requirement is that you played a sport in high school. We have the privilege of practicing in the Rock football stadium from 8:30-10:30. Lacrosse is a great sport for any athlete, and a great club to join, especially if you miss being active in high school.

President: Sarah Hassell Email Sarah