Graduate Student Organizations

Be sure to file the 2014-2015 Organization Information Form to have your organization's information listed on the Student Activities Website.
Biological Sciences Graduate Student Forum

We are an organization of graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences. The purpose of our organization is to 1) facilitate social and professional fellowship among our members 2) to support a forum for the exchange of ideas among graduate students and between graduate students and faculty and 3) To enhance our professional standing.

President: Stephen Flanagan Email Stephen

Center for Writers (C4W)

The Center for Writers (C4W) is the graduate student organization for creative writers in the English Department's Center for Writers.

President: Sara Lewis Email Sara

Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization

Members of the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization (CPGSO) associate themselves to providing personal and professional support; increasing access to mental health services in the community; and promoting personal and professional development for all graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program.

President: Tiffany HopkinsEmail Tiffany

Counseling Psychology Student Government

The Counseling Psychology Student Government consists of counseling psychology graduate students committed to the advancement of the professional development of our members, the quality of mental health services provided for clients of the Community Counseling and Assessment Clinic, and the overall quality and success of the Counseling Psychology graduate program.

President: David Gavel Email David

English Graduate Organization

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) provides unique opportunities for students to organize and participate in professional development workshops and activities, to network and socialize with their peers and the faculty, and to become involved in special interest committees created by graduate students to advance the interests of the English graduate community. EGO's membership is made up entirely of English graduate students and its interests are those specific to its members; EGO is the only student group that provides travel funds for professional development

President: Rebecca Holder Email Rebecca

Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate represent the voice of the graduate student body at the University of Southern Mississippi. One graduate student from each department with a graduate program is elected to serve as a representative. We work directly with the graduate school to address any concerns that graduate students have. We are also responsible for organizing and hosting the Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Research Symposium.

President: Emmalea GombergEmail Emmalea

Mass Communication Graduate Student Alliance

We, the members of The Mass Communication Graduate Student Alliance, hereby associate ourselves in (1) the facilitation and maintenance of scholarly collaborations between the graduate students of the School of Mass Communication & Journalism, its' faculty members, and all disciplines throughout the University of Southern Mississippi, (2) while providing a platform for a community-oriented environment within its membership. This provision for social interaction will strengthen the graduate body; increase inter-personal communication, thus providing a kinship spirit in its pursuit for academic excellence.

President: Jasmine Knippers Email Jasmine

Southern Miss Educational Law Association (SMELA)

The purpose of SMELA is to create a community of scholars committed to the study of education law. The mission of the organization is to make informed recommendations that ultimately impact policy and practices within the educational community through learning, teaching, publication, and research.

President: Staci Cox Email Staci

Student Economic Development Association (SEDA)

Student Economic Development Association is partnered wit the Master of Economic Development Program. It is open to graduate and undergraduate students and our goal is to help local economic development organizations as well as increase growth for the MSED program and help better the community.

President: Chelsey EverettEmail Chelsey