Religious Student Organizations

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Baptist Student Union

We are the campus ministry of Mississippi Baptist Churches. Our motto: To know Christ and make Him known.

President: Austin Sylvest | Email Austin:

Catholic Student Association

Meets Sunday and Wednesday nights at 6pm for mass with free dinner following. (College students only) Also, join us Wednesday nights for fun activities and dinner. Our goal is to provide a “home away from home” and allow a chance for fellowship with other young Catholics. Other events include a fall and spring retreat, our annual mission trip, community service projects, praise and worship, and Bible study, to name a few. Volunteers are needed to help prepare Wednesday and Sunday evening meals.

President: Emily Bordelon | Email Emily:

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

We are a Christian Campus Ministry called Chi (X) Alpha (A) Christian Fellowship. We do have greek letters, but we’re not a fraternity or sorority. We are a passionately-devoted, diverse, missional community of the Spirit—building lifelong followers of Jesus. Our vision for this community is to: Connect. Grow. Send. We reach out to students and connect them to other students in the community and to God. Through our C-Groups (small groups), we help students grow in these connections and become a true disciple. And, finally we hope to send students back into the world as equipped Christians ready to help others make these same connections.

President: Aaron Zimmerman | Email Aaron:

Church of God in Christ Campus Ministry (C.O.G.I.C.)

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, help students develop a life that reflects the image of Jesus Christ, provide an environment of fun & fellowship to develop long-lasting friendships & become disciples & fishers of men as in Matt. 4:19.

President: Ricky Johnson | Email Ricky:

Cru at Southern Miss

Cru is caring community at Southern Miss that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We are a local campus ministry of Cru, (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) a worldwide, interdenominational Christian ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

President: Emily Stokley| Email:


We, the members of E5 One-on-One, exists to provide guidance and mentorship that will assist in assimilating core Christian and Civic values for the advancement of the Kingdom as well as for the purposes of making productive citizens. We exist to offer assistance with the transition from home life, to college life, and beyond.

President: Michael Hogsett II | Email Michael:

Episcopal Church at USM

We are an inclusive student ministry affiliated with the Episcopal Church. We welcome everyone regardless of their race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, or beliefs (or lack thereof). At our meetings we worship and then gather at a local restaurant to hang out. We also strive to perform community service both on campus and in the greater Hattiesburg area.

President: Anna Katherine Peel | Email Anna Katherine:

Generation 6:20 Campus Ministry

Generation 6:20 Campus Ministry is an organization that believes that the Bible is the divinely-inspired Word of God. We strive to bring unity to the body of Christ; therefore, we are not a denominational organization. We are a group of college students who choose to live our lives sold out to Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that we glorify God in our body, spirit, and soul (1 Corinthians 6:20). Generation 6:20 Campus Ministry not only assists the born-again believer to constantly grow and develop in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but also promotes the highest level of excellence in every aspect of life (academically, economically, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually).

President: Brisha Rushing | Email Brisha:

Hattiesburg Chinese Christian Fellowship | Not Fully Registered 

Hattiesburg Chinese Christian Fellowship consisting of some USM students is to reach out to the Chinese community in USM and Hattiesburg, to share kindness and love with them and to promote members’ spiritual health.

President: Yijie Deng | Email Yijie:

LifeLine Campus Ministry

We create an outlet which will bridge the gaps between students, cultures, and denominations. We will provide tools that will enhance the skills needed for spiritual, personal, and post-college development. Therefore encouraging students to participate in life application ministry, outreach ministry, and creative ministry.

President: Jacqueline Harris | Email Chelsea:

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is an organization which goals are to educate the general public on the realities of Islam and Muslims and to fight Misconceptions of Islam and Muslims. It is also to educate the general public on Islam with no discrimination towards anyone and to achieve unity with Muslim students and Non-Muslim students on campus. Also to raise the morality of Muslim students and Non-Muslim student to allow them to feel more comfortable on campus.

President: Ameer Buti | Email Ameer:

Reformed University Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is an on campus ministry with purpose of reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve on the college campus. We meet for large and small group Bible studies during each week which are open to all students.

President: Amanda Stokes | Email Amanda:

Southern Christian Student Center

The Southern Christian Student Center (SCSC) is a campus organization sponsored by Kensington Woods Church of Christ. Our purpose is to serve the University of Southern Mississippi, the City of Hattiesburg, and surrounding areas by providing students with an environment to foster spiritual growth, leadership, and Christian attitudes while attending the University. We believe God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and the Bible is our only guide to Heaven.

President: Joseph Watkins | Email Joseph:


thePOINT is a multi-denominational college student ministry that consists of a group of young adults who love the Lord, want to grow in their faith, and want to share that faith with other students. thePoint is Grounded in the Word, Drenched in the Spirit, and Devoted to God’s glory.

President: Andrew Hudson | Email Andrew:

Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry

The Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry is the United Methodist Church's presence on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi and we seek to enable students to encounter God and become disciples of Jesus Christ. It is a place for students of all ages and backgrounds to come, fellowship, worship, and serve in an effort to live out the gospel message. Wesley seeks to be an authentic community where spiritual growth and discipleship can happen as we strive to live our lives before others and become the people whom God has created us to be. Your friends are waiting to meet you! Wesley is a place where you can find acceptance and support. You'll meet new friends and enjoy sharing common interests and concerns. Whether playing intramural sports, working at the local outreach mission, sharing in worship and Bible study, going on trips and retreats, or just talking around the fireplace, you will find a place for nurture and encouragement. Wesley is a place where you will form lifelong friendships. Join us and make Wesley your home away from home. "Living out God's purpose through Community, Love, and Service!"

President: Sam Gentry | Email Sam: