Office of Student-Oriented Services

The Office of Student-Oriented Services provides independent and objective assistance to students, parents, faculty and staff in resolving issues related to students. The office provides a safe, comfortable and confidential environment for presenting issues to ensure students' and parents' needs are met and afforded due process. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about university policies and procedures relative to class attendance, withdrawal from the university and the administrative withdrawal process, as well as other issues that may arise.


Student Absences

Students are expected to attend class each time it meets. When it is necessary that a student be absent from a class, it is the student's responsibility to provide an explanation to the professor: A class attendance policy will be set by the professor who is expected to set a reasonable policy with respect to documented absences that are truly beyond the student’s control. It will be the responsibility of each professor to notify his or her class in writing at the onset of each semester as to the attendance requirements. 

The Office of Student-Oriented Services serves to notify professors of extenuating circumstances. The request for an excuse does not alter the requirements of the class set forth by the professor. Additionally, grades and make-up procedures are determined by the professor.  

The Office of Student-Oriented Services can assist students who miss a class due to illness, emergency, or other unavoidable circumstances. Some professors require a formal letter of excuse from the department. Individuals who need this letter of excuse must complete a Request for an Excused Absence Form and submit documentation verifying the situation causing the the absence(s). The office verifies all documentation presented prior to providing a letter of support. 


Request for an Excused Absence Form (printable PDF)


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