Dr. Sidne Buelow, Ph.D.

Supervising Psychologist

Psychologist, licensed and practicing for fifteen years, background in hospital nursing and an undergraduate degree in anthropology.

Interests: in addition to experience helping students tackle problems with mood, anxiety, thinking processes, action, and relationships, Dr. Buelow works with students experiencing academic and career difficulties, cultural stress (ability, age, ethnicity, first generation in college, sexual orientation, and other), grief, substance use concerns, and current difficulties related to traumatic memories. 

Challenges arise from both ‘nature & nurture’ and, Dr. Buelow thinks of mental health as developmental. She focuses on personal strengths and trusts people to make their own decisions. The path to a more meaningful and satisfying life comes through honesty, healthy relationships with self and others, developing acceptance skills and healthy flexibility, and making choices based on ethical values and beliefs. Perspectives from which she draws interventions include cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, and the practice of mindfulness.

She has been married for over thirty years, lived in Hattiesburg for over twenty, and is a Southern Miss alumnus. She values her children and grandchildren, and her dog is family. She enjoys reading aloud, watching eclectic movies, camping, knitting, learning skills, playing old-fashioned board games, and watching theater and sports.