Student Activities Policies


The Officeof StudentActivities atTheUniversity of Southern Mississippi aspires toprovide superiorcustomerserviceand valuableresources by fosteringcommunity, educatingservantleaders,andgivingguidanceto studentorganizationsthatwillinitiate and maintain effective student leadership aswellas life-changingexperiencesin theuniversitycommunity and theworld.



Guide to Chartering New Student Organizations

Office of Student Activities, July 2014


The principle vehicles forstudent activities atThe UniversityofSouthern Mississippi are student organizations.Student organizations at The University ofSouthern Mississippi are charteredbythe universityand,when chartered,become officially recognized organizations that may avail themselves ofall privileges relatingthereto.An officially charteredstudent organization will not use itsofficial status foranypurpose other than its own organization; this shall include,but is not be limitedto,financial gainforindividuals, sponsoringactivities foranuncharteredgroup,and reserving facilities andconducting business foranunchartered group.


Student organizations are characterizedbyawritten constitutionandbylaws,officers,an advisor,anda programofprojects andactivities throughwhichthey attemptto carryout theirobjectives.The followingchartering policies applyto all student organizations except social fraternities andsororities thatare currentorpastmembers ofthe Interfraternity Council,College Panhellenic Council orthe National Pan-Hellenic Council,whichare charteredthrough a process originating in theGreekLifeoffice.



A.  A group of10ormore full-time students wishing to form an organization andseek official status fromtheuniversitybyobtaininga charter may do so, providedthe followingrequirements are met:

1.The group does notduplicateanexistingorganization.

2.The purpose will ensure continuity andstabilityofthe organization.

3.The group does notorganize under the sponsorshipofanexistingorganization.

4.Ifnonstudents are affiliated with the organization in acapacity other than an advisoryrole,they mayonlybe associate members.Associate membersmaynot holdofficeor vote.

5.Ifanyperson is paid forinstruction through a student organization,a budgetmust be approvedbya majority vote ofthe members,bythe Student/Faculty Committee

onStudent Organizations andbythe Recreational Sportsdepartmentforsports

  Clubs.Any paymentforongoinginstruction must be providedthroughRecreational Sportsorthe OfficeofProfessional Development andEducational Outreach, whicheveris appropriate.

6.A formal constitution is submittedoutlining the purpose ofthe group seekingthe charter and frameworkofthe organization.

B.  The application for chartering a newstudent organization is completedand filed with the Office of Student Activities together with proper supporting documents.

1.Completedapplication forchartering a newstudent organization by visiting and clicking on “Start a New Organization”.

2.Items to be uploaded with theapplication:

a.Uploada copyofthe proposedconstitution to the onlineCharteringaNew

StudentOrganization application.

b.In the eventthe group seeks to affiliatewith a state,regional ornational organization,a copyofthatconstitution must also beuploadedto the application.

c.Letterofsupport fromthe advisorofthe proposed student organization d.Aletter fromthe departmentwith whichthe proposedorganization will

affiliate(Ifno affiliation is planned,no letterisrequired.)

3.Submit Organization Information Form (OIF) at

4.Health andHuman Servicesform, which states the proposedorganization,does not have any statement in its charter,bylaws orother regulations that restrict

membershipon the basis of sex, race,religion,colorornational originunless allowedto do so underfederal exemption.This form is built into the chartering application and will besignedandturnedinatthe Student/Faculty Committeeon StudentOrganizations regardingthe proposedorganization meeting.

5.The organization has anadvisor who is a member ofthe full-time faculty orstaff.

     *Required of all groups each year in order to remain active on campus.

6.The organizational president andadvisormeetwith the Student/Faculty Committee on Student Organizations regardingthe proposedorganization (or their designated contacts; must be approved by Chair of the committee ahead of time.)



Threemeetings maybe heldprior to the officialchartering ofastudentorganization. Business duringthesemeetings shouldbe limitedto constitution drafting and forming the

structure of the organization.Amemberofthe Student Activities staffwill meetwith the

group foraidandcounseling in the forming ofthe new organization, if necessary. *Absolutely no events will be registered until the group is an officially chartered organization.



Oncea constitution hasbeen approvedbythe Student/Faculty Committee on Student Organizations,saidconstitution is filedandbecomes the official reference copy.No changes will berecognizedwithout committee approval,andinthe event of anycontroversy within the group,the official officecopy will beusedtodetermine points inquestion.



A.    The associate directorofUnion andProgramswill presentthe request to the


Committeeon StudentOrganizations at its next meeting;he orshe willrequest the president andadvisorofthe proposed group tobe presentto answeranyquestions thatmight arise. *Failure to show up to your assigned meeting could result in your organization not being chartered. Organizations have 6 months from time of charter application to complete the process or be denied organization status.  Organizations would then have to re-file paperwork to start the chartering process over again the following semester.

B.  The recommendation ofthe committee is forwardedto the associatevice president for

Student Affairs for finalaction.

C.   The associate directorofUnion andProgramswill advisethe president andadvisorofthe proposedorganization of final action.

D.  The organizational president is responsible formeeting withtheassistantdirector for

Student Activitiesto reviewcampus policies andprocedures.



Code of Ethics for Student Organizations

Office of Student Activities, January 2008


Relationship of Student Organizations to theUniversity:Recognition of,or registration of anorganization does not mean that the university supports oradheres to the views heldor position takenby registeredor recognizedstudent groups.Responsibility foranyaction thatviolates federal,stateorlocal laws oruniversity regulations is assumedbythe individual group andits advisor,officers andmembers.


Introduction ofCode ofEthics:The extension ofprivileges bythe university as detailedin this documentrequires all student organizations to be registeredandto conduct their organizations andactivities as responsible bodies in their relationshipswith their members,other students,the communityandthe university.Organizations andtheir members are subject tobeing governed andsanctionedbythe same rules and regulations established forindividual students.This Code of Ethics has been established forall registeredand recognizedstudent organizations.Each registeredstudent organization must adopt andabide bythis Code of Ethics.


Specific Standards

A.   Scholarship:In accordance with the academic mission ofthe university,a portion of

anorganization’s activities shouldreflect a conscious effort to enrich each member’s

academic development.

B.  Character Development:The moral conduct andpersonal behavior ofeachmember

affect the organization’s image.This makes itimportantforthe individual to act atall

times with self-respect andintegrity.

C.   Community Relations:All organization members will conduct themselves in a supportive positive relationshipwith the community, as their actions reflect upon the universityas awhole.

D.  Financial Management:All funds shall be usedina judiciousmanner. Members shall

notincur debts (either individually orinthe name of the organization)thatresult in organizational disability.All financial debts must be paidto maintain active status.

E.   Wellness: Members shall take basic precautionarymeasures to ensure individual and group safety.An appropriate program wouldencompass aconcern formental, emotional andphysical well-being.

F.   Leadership Development:The continuingexistence ofthe organization requires a regularsuccession ofeffective leaders.An appropriate program would provide forthe development of the members’ leadershipskillsfor futurepositions inleadershiproles.

G.  Legal Responsibility:Each organization’s members have aresponsibilityto knowand upholdall federal,stateandlocal laws and university policies.Students shouldbe knowledgeable ofandcomply with the expectations set forth forindividual students and fororganizations as statedinthe Code of Ethics forStudent Organizations.

H.  Multicultural Sensitivity:Both the universitycommunity andthe larger society are diverse with persons from differentethnic andcultural backgrounds.  Organizations must recognize and respect the cultural heritage of others.  Compliance with The UniversityofSouthern MississippiEqual Educational Opportunity Policyis required. Guidance regardingtheinterpretation of thispolicyis always available fromthe university’s affirmativeaction officers.



Office of Student Activities, July 2014


The OfficeofStudent Activities strives to educate andadviseall students and advisors of thepolicies, procedures and guidelines forstudent activities. Fororganizations to be registered each year and gain event approval duringthe2014-2015 academic year,the followingmust be completed:

A.    Two membersofeachorganization must attenda Student Activities Orientation (SAO).  Times and dates of the sessions will beemailedto the organization’s president listed on the Organization Information Form (OIF) kept on file atthe Student Activitiesofficeand postedon the Student Activitieswebsite at

B.  Each organization must updatethe Organization Information Form (OIF).

 It is the organization’s responsibilityto keepall officercontact information current andcomplete by updating the form throughout the year, as necessary.

    C.    Organizations must have an on-campus advisor with a email address who is a   

            full-time faculty or staff member.


Acopy ofthis Policies,Procedures andGuidelines manual canbe foundonline at the

Student under “Forms and Policies”.


TIME, PLACEANDMANNER (including amplifiedsoundevents)


The UniversityofSouthern Mississippiprohibits the disruption or disturbance ofthe campus communitybythe operation of sounddevices.It shall be aviolation of the UniversityNoise Policy foranypersonto play,use oroperate any device for reproducingor amplifyingsoundon universitypropertyif the sound generatedis audible at adistance of

50 feet fromthedeviceproducingthe sound.


The purpose andintentofthis policyis to prohibit withinthecampus community the makingofanyandall unnecessaryorboisterousnoise that unreasonablyannoys,disturbs or disrupts the comfort,work, quietor generalwelfare of ourcampus community. This policyshall not applyto any regularlyscheduledandapproveduniversityevent.

    A.   Solicitors are subject tothe rules and regulations ofthe university and the laws ofthe stateofMississippi.A permitmaybe suspendedorcanceledbythe Union and Programsdirector forjust cause.

B.  Noncompliance with anyofthe provisions oftheseguidelines shall constitute a violation.

C.   Appropriatelegal action may be takenagainstindividuals and non-university affiliates refusingto complywith regulations.



A.   Beginningandendingtimes foractivities andtheir duration will beunder the general supervision oftheassistantdirector forStudent Activities.Organizations should

specifytheir desiredtime andsound requirements whenseekingactivity approval*. The consideration forapproval of“special events”andthe use of amplifiedsound (radio,loudspeaker orany device usedto increase audible volume level) will befor events scheduledandapproved duringtimes allowedbythe OfficeofStudent


*Note:See Special Events section for guidelines andprocedures,page 33.


Beginning and endingtimes for outside non-amplified sound events:

1.Monday – Thursday  8a.m.- 10p.m.

2.Friday                         8a.m.- 10p.m.

3.Saturday                     10a.m.- 10p.m.

4.Sunday                       1- 10p.m.

Beginning and endingtimes for outside amplified soundevents:

1.Monday – Thursday  5:15-6:15p.m. ** see Outside Socials Policy, pg. 29

2.Friday                         4-10p.m.

3.Saturday                     10a.m.- 10p.m.

4.Sunday                       1-10p.m.

Beginning and endingtimes for indoor events:

1.Sunday – Thursday   8a.m.- midnight

2.  Friday– Saturday     8a.m.- 1a.m.



B.  University-sanctionedandphilanthropic eventsthatoccuroutside thedesignated

hours foractivities must request approval fromthe Student ActivitiesCommittee.Once

yourorganization submits the request form foundat

(,a staffmember fromthe Officeof Student activities will schedule the meetingtime with the person who completedthe eventform.Two members from yourorganization will berequiredto attend in order for the committee to vote on whether or not to approve the request.


 A.   Inside

On-campus facilities are reserved with the area or departmentofthe university having jurisdiction oversaid facility.Policies governingthe facilities will differ fromplace to place,andcare shouldbe taken to become aware ofthis.Attendance atevents should not exceed the maximumcapacity in order to meet all safetyand fire regulations.


Bennett Auditorium                           -1,000


Fraternity Houses

Alpha Tau Omega                              -  425

DeltaTauDelta                                  -  166

Kappa Sigma                                      -   136

PhiKappa Tau                                   -  248

PiKappa Alpha                                  -  484

PiKappa Phi                                       -    40

Sigma Alpha Epsilon                         -  425

Sigma Chi                                           -  184

Sigma Nu                                            -    80

Sigma Phi Epsilon                              -  228


Natatorium                                        -  330

Seymour's                                          -  680

CochranCenter Grand Ballroom    -1,000

Union Lobby                                      -  600


B.  Outside

Outside areas on campus are reservedthroughEvent Services.They are typically considered a “special event” and require the form to register events be submitted no later than ONE MONTH prior to the event. Outdoorspaces availableforeventreservations include,but are not limitedto, ShoemakerSquare, Centennial Lawn, WeathersbyLawn,Kennard-Washington Lawn, Lake Byron andthe Union Plaza.Notall outdoor space is available for eventreservation.Outdoorspaces notavailable for eventreservation include,but are not limitedto,West Memorial,the front porches of theHub andthe LucasAdministration building,the areasurroundingthe Lucas Administration building,unloading zones,servicezones andhandicappedparking spaces.In the interest ofpublic safety,health and welfare of students, Student Activitiesand/or Event Services reserves the right to recommendalternate areas.No vehicles are allowedon the brickareasofShoemaker Square andWest Memorial except at designatedtimes per university officials.Coke wagons and vehicles thatare used forloadingandunloading Coke wagons are all prohibited.Onlypedestrian traffic is allowed.







C. Outside Socials Policy

1. Student organizations are permitted to hold outside socials should they fall within the sound and time guidelines provided in the Policy and Procedures Manual as well as the group submitting the form to Student Activities on time.

2. Amplified sound is ONLY allowed from 5:15-6:15 p.m. When the event is over, students must clear the area. It’s not a bad idea to have the DJ or a member of the group announce that the event is now over and everyone should clear the area. University staff working the event will ensure that students leave the area after 6:15 p.m.

3. Events of this nature should be advertising on-campus only as a student event. Off campus guests are not permitted. University personnel reserve the right to shut down the event or ask someone to leave the event at any time.

4. The only approved location for these events is between the Union Plaza and outside entrance to the Student Activities Hub.

5. Student Activities nor Event Services provides any equipment or services for this type of program. All trash and any equipment brought to the area should be picked up immediately following the event or subject to Event Services fines and/or penalties.

6. The DJ or sound system speakers must face the stadium or down towards the Union Plaza and not facing the Residence Halls. The volume of the music must be played at a tolerable level. University staff working the event reserve the right to tell the organization or the DJ to turn the sound down.

7. UPD provides security for these events.  They reserve the right to shut down the event at any time should university policy be violated in any way.

8.  All groups must attend a pre-event meeting prior to the date of their event in order for it to be registered. The sponsoring organization’s advisor must make every attempt to attend the pre-event meeting as well as the event.

9. Outside socials require the approval and attendance of the organization’s advisor.  The advisor reserves the right to request changes, alter or shut down the event at any time.

10.  Student Activities and/or Event Services reserve the right to change the location, day and/or time of the event,  if necessary. Rain location is not provided.


 Thepolicies mentionedbeloware in place to ensure the safety ofourstudents as well as ourcommunity.The responsibilityof interpretationandenforcementofuniversityregulations rests with the president and advisorofthe organization sponsoringthe event.Organizations'officers assume full responsibility forthe conduct of their members,guests andentertainers.

A.   All on-campus studentactivities,except regularlyscheduledmeetings,must be approvedbytheOffice of Student Activities by submitting the request form. This is found at Theassistantdirector forStudentActivitiesorhis orher designated representative reservesthe right to approve ornot approve any activity.Whenthe activity is not approved,the sponsoringorganization maymake an appeal to the directorofUnion andPrograms torequest ahearing before the Student Activities Committee.This may be donebymakinga request in writing within 24hours afterthe original approval is denied.

B.  All organizations seeking approvaldeemed“special in nature”must submit the

Event Registration Form onemonth prior to theeventandattenda pre-eventplanning meetingwith all departments involved.A representative ofthe OfficeofStudent Activitieswill contact the organization to schedule the pre-event meeting. A special event is one where money is exchanged, held outside, has amplified sound, etc. When in doubt, always contact Student Activities as early as possible to determine the nature of your proposed event. Failure to appear at the pre-event meeting will automatically prevent your activity from being registered.  *All events where exchange of money is present require the sponsoring group to pay for a UPD officer before the event can be approved.

C.   Any activity involvingfoodmust adhere to the University SnackPolicylocated within this handbook.

D.  The OfficeofStudent Activities holds the officers oforganizations responsible forthe

planning,scheduling andoverall conduct of theactivities of their organizations.The president of the organization has primary responsibilityinseeing that these activities

areinaccord with university regulations.

E.   The universityprohibits the unlawfulpossession,use or distribution ofillicit drugs and alcohol bystudents onThe UniversityofSouthern Mississippipropertyoras part ofany ofits activities.Formore information on the alcohol policy, please refer to the Student

Code of Conduct.

F.   Onlyapprovedstudentorganizations or university departments maysponsoractivities.

  G.   Request formsare to be submittedonlineat by 4p.m. Monday foractivities occurring

thefollowingMonday through Friday.  

H.  Parades,marches or runs are allowedon campus only with approval fromtheassistant

director forStudent Activitiesorhis orher designated representative andthe chief of operations of University Police.

I.    Two workingdays precedingthe week duringwhich final examsbegin will be “Dead

Week.”No campus activities will bescheduledunless authorizedbytheassistant director forStudent Activitiesorhis orher designated representative.

 J.    Events cannot beadvertiseduntil the officers have been paid,the event has been approved,andthe location has beensecured.Then,all advertising material andmedia has to have the sponsoringstudent organization displayed within the material.Posters, signs orcircularsmayonlybe placedinlocations designatedinthe Sign Policy.

K. University officials reserve the right to request a student organization select a different day, time or location for their event due to extenuating circumstances or if it is within the best interest of the campus community.



Privileges,Obligationsand Due Processof allChartered Organizations

OfficeofStudent Activities, July 2013


Upon official recognition byThe University ofSouthern Mississippi,there are certain privileges affordeda new student organizationandcertainobligationsthe new organization is expectedto discharge.These privileges andobligations are as follows: A.   Upon official recognition bytheuniversity,anorganization becomes eligible to

participate in university-approvedstudent activities,to sponsoractivities that may be includedon themastercalendar, to reserveuniversity facilities andto rent auniversity

post officebox.

B.  Each organization’s officers are requiredto register their organization (with a minimum of 10full-time students andanon-campus advisor) with theOfficeof Student Activities annually bycompletingthe Organization Information Form (OIF). Otherwise,the organization will become inactive and will lose its privileges mentionedabove.Immediately followingeachelection,lists ofnewofficers oradvisor(s) with addresses shouldbe submittedto the Officeof

Student Activities.

C.   Each organization commits itself to sponsoronlysuchprojects as willbenefitboth the group andtheuniversityandto upholdtheuniversity regulations,includingthe Student Code ofConduct,Code of Ethics forStudent Organizations,the Student Activities Policy, city ordinances,andall stateand federal laws.

D.  Ifanyperson is paid forinstruction through a student organization,a budgetmust be approvedbya majority vote ofthe members,bythe Student/Faculty Committeeon Student Organizations,andthe Recreational Sportsdepartmentforsports clubs.Any payment forongoing instruction must be providedthrough Recreational Sports or

Continuing EducationOfficeofProfessional DevelopmentandEducational Outreach,

whicheveris appropriate.



The approval ofa studentorganization at The University ofSouthern Mississippi is made on the basis thatthe organization will comply with the Privilegesand

Obligations of Chartered Organizations as statedabove. Failure on thepart ofthe organization to conform to the above-mentionedobligations,to conditions of approval,andanybreach ofStudent Activities oruniversity policy maysubject the organization to recall bythe Student/Faculty Committeeon Student Organizations

orthe Fraternity/Sorority Committee.Recall may result inthe president andadvisor ofthe organization having to appearbefore theappropriatecommitteeto answer anycharges that have been brought against the organization.




In the eventthatstudent organizations violate the Student Activities policies,the

Privileges and Obligations of CharteredOrganizations,the Code of Ethics forStudent

Organizations or otheruniversity regulations,certaindisciplinaryprocedures will be institutedagainst the organization initiatedbytheassistantdirector forStudent Activitiesorthe appropriateadministratorinthe followingmanner:


A.   The president andadvisorofthe organization will beadvisedbytheassistant director forStudent Activitiesofthe charges againstthe organization.The president and

advisor will befurther advisedofthe action theassistantdirector forStudent Activities is taking againstthe organization.Theassistant director forStudentActivitiesmay

impose disciplinarymeasures on the organization or may refer the charges to the appropriatebody.

B.  In the eventof disciplinaryaction imposedbytheassistantdirector forStudent

Activities,the presidentandadvisorofthatorganization will have 72hours from the time of written ore-mailed notification duringwhichtime they may (a) accept the

assistantdirector forStudent Activities' penaltyand waive their rights to a formal

hearingon the matter by the president's andadvisor's signing a statement of acceptance that will befiled in the OfficeofStudent Activities; or(b) not accept the assistantdirector forStudent Activities' penaltyand request ahearing.In the eventofa

hearing,itwill beheldata time andina place so designatedbytheassistantdirector forStudent Activities.The hearing will beheldbefore the appropriatebodysuchas the

Student Activities Committeeor Greek Council Judicial Board.

C.   Any student organization referredto a governing bodyhas the right to due process. D.  In all judicial decisions,either party shall have,and will benotifiedof,the right to

appeal the decision of the judicial bodyenteringjudgment.Ifthe decision is appealed,

noaction shall betakenexcept those measures necessaryto ensure the safety ofthe universitycommunity, to protect universityproperty,andto ensure anacademic

atmosphere until the appellate process has been exhausted.

E.   The request forappeal shall be filed within 72hours ofthe written ore-mailed notification of the decision.The request shall be filed with theassistant director for Student Activities.

F.   Decisions involvingsocial fraternities andsororities maybe appealedto the

Greek Council Judicial Board. Decisions involvingother student organizations may be appealed to the StudentActivities Committee.Decisions renderedbythese

committees will befinal.

G.  In any hearing resultingfroma violation bya student organization in which it is determinedthatthe violation was causedbythe action ofindividuals ratherthan official action ofthe organization,the council hearingthe matter reserves the right to refer those individuals to the Dean of Studentsoffice,whichmay referthem to the Student Judicial Council.Officers actingintheircapacity as representatives forthe organization maybe dealt with as individuals andofficial representatives ofthe organization.



The responsibilityofinterpretation andenforcementofuniversity regulations rests with the president andadvisorofthe organization sponsoringthe event.Organizations'

officers assume fullresponsibility forthe conduct of their members, guests and entertainers.


A.   The Officeofthe Dean ofStudents,responsible forthe overall safetyoftheuniversity community, mayexercise the authorityto cancel aneventwhen conditions arisethat

maynot be in the best interest of theuniversity.Cancellation notification will be

through the OfficeofStudent Activities.The sponsoringorganization andthe Event

Services officeshall be notifiedimmediatelyupon the decision to cancel.

B.  In the course of an approvedactivity/event,the University Police Department oran acting university official candiscontinue a sanctionedactivity/event.



Event Request Form

OfficeofStudent Activities,July 2014


A.   Registered student organizations wishing to hold on-campus events should visit the Student Activities website to complete the request form.

B.  There is one form to register all events EXCEPT regularly scheduled meetings in the Union Complex which do not need an event form to be registered. Students should visit the Event Services website to make their reservation at

C.   Categories of events:

·         Academic Space Request- meeting or event held in an academic building on campus (does not include Bennett Auditorium, The Union Complex, or the Mannoni Performing Arts Center). *ABSOLUTELY NO AMPLIFIED SOUND OR FOOD/DRINK is allowed in Academic Space per the Registrar’s Office.

·         Event Request- ALL other types of events excluding meetings, including but not limited to: retreat, workshop, fashion show, outside event, events with amplified sound, ticketed event, pageants, etc.

·         IFC House Party Request- registered IFC organizations use ONLY for traditional Thursday, Friday, and Saturday house parties.

o   Thursday night party hours are 9pm-midnight

o   Friday and Saturday night party hours are 9pm- 1 a.m.

1.      Tabling Request- bake sale, fundraiser, membership recruitment, information table, event promotion ONLY.

a.       Approved tabling locations: Library Plaza, Shoemaker Square, TCC Lobby*, Union Lobby*. *1 table and 2 chairs provided with reservation approval.

b.      Tables and chairs are available to check out from Student Activities for tabling in Shoemaker Square ONLY.

c.       Other locations may be approved by assistant director for Student Activities, as necessary.




Special Event Guidlines

OfficeofStudent Activities,July 2014


Aspecial event is classifiedas any approvedeventother than meetings,tabling,bake sales or retreats/training. Events are deemed“special in nature”byStudent Activities.Thiscan include eventsforthe student population,invitedattendees fromoffcampus, communityservices projects,orother events heldoncampus at facilities thatrequire reservations andspecial department requirements.  TheOfficeofStudent Activities will assist you with settingup the requiredpre-eventmeeting foundinthe special events requirements listedbelow.



While most student activities will operate under the previouslymentionedStudent Activities policies,someevents will require additional guidelines and police officers to ensure the safety ofall participants andto allowfora successfulevent.Theseadditional guidelines will bebasedon the following:facility capacity, pasthistoryofevent,crowdsize, clientele fromon oroffcampus, typeofevent,tickets soldormoneycollectedatthe event, andnature of event (social oreducational).


Consequently,before planning any majorevent,itis necessaryto consult with theassistant director forStudent Activities,who will determine iftheseguidelines are requiredofan activity.  Ifspecial eventguidelines andothers deemednecessaryby governingbodies are required,theorganizationmust attenda pre-event meetingatleast four weeks inadvance to discuss event procedures,police procedures,eventchecklistandevent evaluation forms. Student organization should visit the Student Activities website and first complete the Event Registration Form to start the process of registering a special event.


*No special events will be registered until a group attends a pre-event meeting. Failure to show up to a meeting will result in the cancellation of the proposed event. There will be NO re-scheduled or makeup meetings.




Pre-Event Requirementsfor SpecialEvents

OfficeofStudent Activities,July 2014


A.   The request form should be completed from the Student Activities website ( between 4-6 weeks from the date of the proposed event.

B.  The host organization must attenda pre-eventplanningmeeting a monthbefore the event,with a representative fromthe Officeof Student Activities andall departments involved,to discuss theplanningofthe event.Itis the responsibilityofthe organization to have proper officers attendthemeeting. This means the person(s) planning the event MUST be the ones attending the meeting. Failure to show up to a meeting or failure to schedule a meeting will result in the cancellation of your proposed event.

C.   Provide each participant therules and regulations forparticipatinginthe eventatThe

UniversityofSouthern Mississippi, when necessary. A copy of these, when necessary, will be provided at the pre-event meeting.




OfficeofStudentActivities, July 2013


A.   The sponsoring group is to designatea representative to meet with police,a building manager anda Student Affairs professional 30minutes prior to openingthe doorsfor the event.Also, a facility walk-through shouldbe conducted with the facility manager,universitypolice officerand organization representative atthis time toprotect anorganization fromanyprior damage inthe facility.

B.  Threelines maybe requiredatthe entrance toallowforeasieraccess into the event.

The sponsoring groupmust contact the Department of ParkingManagementto make arrangements for deliveryofstanchions.

C.   Front entrances shouldbe staffedbythe host organization at all times. These

individuals will have the responsibility ofoperatingthe counters,collecting tickets and checkingthe guestlists if applicable.

D.  Members ofthe host organization shouldbe clearlyidentifiedthroughout the event

(e.g.,badges,name tags,passes)

E.   No excessive profanity,vulgarityornuditywillbe allowed.

F.   No organizations on probationorsuspensionwill beallowedto perform. This also applies toprofessionalguest artists.

G.  IfUniversity personnel or facility managementbelieves a performance exhibits

poortasteandno regard forestablisheduniversity rules and regulations,theevent will bestopped.

H.  Failure to comply with this policy,thespecial event policyorother required

procedures mayresult indisciplinaryaction or organizational activityprobation.

    I.    Special events in the Union Complex or Bennett Auditorium are subject to additional

          day-of-event procedures and requirements. These will be discussed at the pre-event


University Police Officer Proceduresfor SpecialEvents

OfficeofStudent Activities andUniversityPoliceDepartment,July 2013


Student organizations requiredto secure police officers forafunction will adhere to the followingguidelines:

A.   The requesting organization shall submitanEvent Registration Form onlineno later

       than one month before the date of the proposed event.

B.  The Office of Student Activities will contact the organization to attend a pre-event

       meeting. At this meeting, the cost and number of police officers needed for the event will

       be determined. *Organizations that do not attend the meeting or fail to set one up will

       have their proposed event cancelled. There will be NO rescheduled or makeup meetings.

C.   The student organizationwill thenhave until 4p.m.  No later than twoweeks fromthe date of their event to make payment to UniversityPolice inthe form ofcash,cashier’s checkormoneyorder.  No chapterorpersonal checks will beaccepted.Those requesting student organizations fundedbythe university may use an

Interdepartmental Invoice. *If payment is not made on time, the event will be cancelled.

D.  The UniversityPoliceDepartmentwill e-mail the Student Activities officewith the approval andconfirmationthatall fees were paidandofficers are available.

E.   Shouldanevent exceedthe original time indicatedon the Event Registration Form, the student organization will have threedays to payUniversityPoliceforthe overage.No further activities requiringpolice officers will beapproveduntil the balance ispaid.

F.   Refunds forno officermust be pickedup withinthreebusiness days followingthe activity,ormoney willbe forfeited.

G.  The UniversityPoliceDepartmentrequires 24-hournotification forcanceling an event.





A.   The assistantdirector forStudent Activities and/or the Chief of Police reserve the right to require a minimumof onebondedpolice officeratanycampus activitysponsoredbyanofficiallychartered organization.All police officers will berequestedthrough the Officeof Student Activities by fillingout the Event Registration Form.

B.  The assistantdirector forStudent Activitiesinconjunction with the facilitymanagers and UPD will determine the number ofpolice officers necessary foreachevent.The number of officers required for each event will fill within the following range.
















0– 400

2 officers

2– 4 officers


2–4 officers

4– 6 officers


2–8 officers

6– 8 officers


Determinedbynature ofevent

Determinedbynature of event


OfficeofStudent Activities, July2012


Ifthe event is deemedtoo large orspecial in nature,the organization shouldgo through the Southern Miss TicketOfficeto secure tickets.Contact information:Phone– 1.800.844.TICK (8425) or601.266.5418;E-mail - forStudent Activitieswill work with the organization to determine the bestticketoption.



OfficeofStudent Activities, January 2008


In the eventthata registeredstudent organization desires to host a conference or convention on campuswherebypersons outside ofthe Southern Miss communityare in attendance,they must meetwith thecoordinator forEvent Servicesandassistant director forStudent Activitiesatleast 12 weeks prior to the plannedconferencedates.All policy will bederivedfromcurrent Student Activities policyand,dependingon the nature ofthe conference orconvention,might incuradditional guidelines and fees which will be applied at the discretion of thecoordinator forEvent Servicesandassistant director forStudent Activities.


Relief  Days/ “Dead  Days” Policy

OfficeofStudent Activities


A.  All pre-plannedsocial activities or events thatare heldbystudent organizations are forbiddenThursday, Friday, the weekend before exams and the week of exams.

B.   All regularlyscheduledclasses will be heldas usual.

C.  A student organization wishing to appeal this policy should contact the assistant

      director for Student Activities to submit a request in writing to be submitted to

      the director of  Union and Programs.


Car BashingPolicy

OfficeofStudent Activities


A.   Complete a Request Form onlinethrough the Student Activities officeat

B.  Car-bashing may only occur in designated space on campus.

 C.   Coordinate the deliveryand removal ofthevehicle with theOfficeofStudent  

       Activities. The sponsoringorganization mayplace the vehicle in the

       designatedspace 24hours prior to the event.The sponsoringorganization has

       24hours to removethe vehicle and all debris afterthe event.

    D.  General guidelines for the activity:

1.   Any vehicle used must be strippedofall glass,all fluids,engine and


2.   The area aroundthe vehicle must be sufficiently cordonedoffto preventdebris fromstrikingspectators.

3.   The entire areaunder andsurroundingthe vehicle must becoveredbya


4.   Any graffiti on the vehicle must adhere to the communitystandards outlinedinthe university sign policy.

5.   All participants must wear goggles andglovesatall times.

6.   At no time mayparticipants standon topofanypart ofthe vehicle.

7.   Participants must signa waiver, providedbythe sponsoringstudent organization, before participatinginthe activity.

8.   The sponsoringstudent organization is responsible forensuringthatall

       guidelines arefollowed.

9.   Ifany guidelines are not followedatanytime,the event will be shut down immediately.



OfficeofStudentActivities, January 2008


A.   The eventmust be registeredthrough the OfficeofStudent Activities

B.  All participants in the event must do so willingly,without coercion.

C.   Inappropriateconduct and gestures will not be allowedduringthe event.

D.  Participants will not beallowed,atanytime duringthe event,to “stripdown”

      to undergarmentsofany kind.

E.   Participants may withdraw from the date auction at any time

      duringthe event.

F.   Ifany guidelines are not followedatanytime,the event will be

       shut down immediately.

G.  Participantsare not requiredto attenda date with the highestbidder.Ifthe event participant does not attendthe date,the bidder may receive all moneyhe or she paid duringthe date auction.

H.  The sponsoringcampus organization will provide agift certificate(s) forthe

      Event participant andbidder to use on the “date.”This date may onlyoccurin

      public during the hours of8a.m. and10p.m.,anditmaynottake place during

      class time ofeither party.The gift certificateis only valid within two weeks of

      the event.

I.    The date will end at the conclusion of the use ofthe gift certificate provided.

J.  The sponsoringcampus organization is responsible forensuringthatall guidelines are followed. Ifany guidelines are not followedatanytime,the event willbe shut down immediately.

K.  All participants must sign awaiver, providedbythe sponsoringstudentorganization, prior to the event,showingthatthey understandthe above policy.


Fundraising Policy

OfficeofStudent Activities, January 2012

A.      Raffles,lotteries andsimilaractivities and terminology are not allowed on campus by student organizations.

B.      Absolutely no gambling activities, terminology or events are allowed on campus by student organizations.

C.      Fundraising efforts are allowed so long as they benefit the organization or university’s educational or philanthropic efforts.

D.  The assistantdirector forStudent Activitiesmay request afinancial statement of the fund- raisingproject fromthe sponsoringorganization afterthe event is completed.

E.   Fund-raisingevents thatare incompetition with otheruniversity fundraising

       will not be allowed without approval from the assistant director for Student


F.   Fundraising “Give Back” nights sponsored by Eagle Dining and other similar

      type events still require an event request form on file in the Office of Student




OfficeofStudent Activities, July20113



A.   Due to the nature of the event,onlyone(1) blooddrive will be allowedinthe

       Union Complex each semester, first-come, first-serve. Organizations must first

       complete the event request form on the Student Activities website at

B.  The blooddrive must be approvedbythe Center for Community and Civic

       Engagement.  Student Activities will pass the form to CCCE for approval.

 C.  Outside blood drives using the Blood Mobile are unlimited per semester

           provided organizations complete the Event Registration form to register

           the event by the deadline. Organizations will have to be in touch with

           Parking Management and Event Services regarding the location of the



Movie/Film Viewing Policy

OfficeofStudent Activities, July2013


A.   Due to federal copyright guidelines for showing movies and films on campus, public showings of such audiovisual works will only be permitted to be shown on campus when the student organization can provide that they have purchased the licensing rights to view the film on campus during an event.

B.  You can obtain a license to view a movie on campus by renting the movie from an approved distributor or contacting the copyright holder (generally the studio)

directly. Contact Student Activities at least one month before your proposed event date for direction on obtaining a license.

C. Groups requesting to view movies on campus will be contacted by Student Activities to provide a copy of the license agreement before their event will be registered. 

D. If student organizations can prove an educational purpose in an academic setting for viewing films, viewed within the presence of the group’s advisor, films can be shown on campus without obtaining a license to view the film. A meeting with the advisor and president of the organization will be required before the event can occur.



Runs/5K Policy

OfficeofStudent Activities, July2013


A.   Registered student organizations are permitted to have runs/5K’s on campus provided they complete the Request Form at least one month prior to the event.

B.  For safety purposes, all runs/5K’s will start and stop on Pride Field. Student

       organizations will be advised to contact Recreational Sports to assist with the

          planning of the event. Rec Sports will advise groups on start and stop locations,

          water stations, race maps, etc.  *Note: the event is the sole responsibility of the

          sponsoring student organization. Rec Sports will provide guidance and

          advisement on how to facilitate a successful event but will not be responsible

          for the execution of the event.

C.   It is the responsibility of the student organization to meet with Rec Sports in

       order for their event to be registered with Student Activities.



Food and Amplified Sound in Academic Space

OfficeofStudent Activities, July2013


A.    The Registrar’s Office has issued the following policy statement regarding the  

        assignment of academic classrooms for student organizations:


      When assigning academic classroom space to non-academic entities the Registrar’s

      Office official position is it will not knowingly assign academic classroom space to meetings requiring amplified sound.  This position will help to ensure the optimum

       environment for instruction is provided to the campus community.    


 B. Additionally, per university policy, no food or drink is permitted in academic space on campus.