Union Complex Policies


The University of Southern Mississippi’s Union Complex may be reserved by student organizations, university departments and community patrons through the Event Services office by going to our website, www.usm.edu/event-services.

Persons who use these facilities are expected to abide by the Union Complex Policies and other university regulations.The Union and Programs department reserves the right to add or change these policies. Please refer to our website for complete information on the Union Complex facilities including policies, procedures, fees and services at www.usm.edu/event-services.


Department of Union and Programs, July 2011
A.   All space in these facilities will be under the supervision of the director.
B.   Classes,lectures, laboratories, tests or any type of class for credit or non-credit will not be scheduled in these facilities unless approved by the director.
C.  Rearrangement, removal or the addition of furnishings or equipment to these facilities will require the approval of the director.
D.  Paints and markers are not allowed in the Union Complex, except for those provided by the Union Administrative Office(dryerase markers) which is only allowed in the designatedarea.
E.  No organization or student will remain in the Union Complex facilities after it is officially closed without the permission of the director.
F.  Southern Miss Catering will handle all food requests for the university. NO OUTSIDE CATERERS WILL BE ALLOWED. For on-campus student organizations, please refer to the Snack Policy for more information.
G.   For information regarding the display of signs, banners and posters in the Union Complex, please refer to the “Sign Policy”in this document.
H.   No card playing, gambling or profanity is allowed in the Union Complex or surrounding areas.

Event Services Guidelines
Office of Event Services,August 2011

A.   Reservations of the rooms and the lobby will be done on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference given in the following order: student organizations, university departments and offices, non-university-related groups.
B.  While reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance,the earliest possible dates to make reservations are as follows:

APRIL 1–Student organizations may reserve space forthe following academic year.

MAY 1–Faculty, staff and administration may reserve space for the following academic year.

JUNE 1 - Non-university-related groups may reserve space for the following academic year.

C.  Block reservations may bemade,butEventServicesreserves the rightto make changes.Blockbookingfor departmental use may not exceed five consecutive days, excludingconferences orother events that require rental fees.After five days, fees will beimplemented.
D.        Departments sponsoring corporate meetings will pay external fees unless the sponsoring department directly benefits from the program,at whichthey will pay department fees.

E.      All requests must be submitted via the Event Services Web site,  www.usm.edu/event-services by clicking on Reservation Request. A confirmation of  your booking will be sent to you via e-mail within two business days. Other spaces  that may be reserved through this office are listed on our website.

F.      For all fees, please refer to our website,  www.usm.edu/event-services/facility-rates.
itional fees will be charged for use of the building after regular operating hours, which may be found on          our website. Certain events may require police officers at the expense of the organization.

G.     Any audiovisual(AV) equipment needs must be discussed with the assistant director for Event Service 72

        hours inadvance.Any needs thatcannotbe metby the Event Services officemust be requestedbye-mailing         equipment.services@usm.edu  48hours inadvance.   

H.       Tape will not be allowed on any walls, floors or carpet in the Union Complex. Please

consult the assistant director for Event Services for other options.  Also, consult the assistant director for Event Services regarding the use of candles and decorations.

I.         For information or to reserve space on the Thad Cochran Center EagleVision technology screen, please refer to the Eagle Vision policy posted under the policies section of our website, www.event-services/policies or contact our Technical Services manager at 601.266.4719.

J.         For information on storage, please refer to our Conference Storage/Shipping Agreement posted under the policies section of our website, www.usm.edu/event-services.

K.       If disabilityaccommodations or auxiliary aids are needed, please contact Event Services at 601.266.4399

           at least one week prior to the event.
L.       Insurance coverage is required for some events.

M.      Customers are requiredt o cover expenses if there is damage to the facility, furniture or equipment

           and/or excessive cleanup following an event.

          For any questions or problems, please contact Event Services at 601.266.4399,or stop by the Event

          Services desk located on the second floor of the Thad CochranCenter.
















































































































































































 Reservations and Fees

1.The Locker Room and R.C.’s Lounge can be reserved for private parties for a charge of $50 per hour; $100 for up to three hours and $25 per each additional hour for university-related groups. For non-university groups, the cost is $100 per hour or $200 for up to three hours.

2.   All reservations must be made 48 hours in advance and paid in advance.

3.   Video games and billiards are all coin-operated.


1.You must have a valid Southern Miss student, staff or faculty identification card to enter the game room or be accompanied by someone with such a card. No children under the age of 10 are allowed in the game room unless under the supervision of a registered camp.

2.No profanity or gambling is allowed.


 Students, student organizations, faculty, staff and departments are allowed to hang signs for advertisement of on-campus events along the rails of the breezeway and the northeast balcony of the R.C. Cook University Union. All signs must bear the name of the sponsoring organization, department or person. Signs must be registered with the Information Desk clerk prior to being hung. After a sign is registered, the Information Desk clerk will place an approval sticker on the banner. The sponsor of the sign is responsible for hanging the sign properly, according to the guidelines herein as well as those concerning content set forth by the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Manual available on the Student Activities website. Spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sign Types

1.Permanent Sign: One that will be hung for an extended period of time (one month up to one semester). These signs must be of vinyl material and may not be larger than four feet in width and six feet in length. Nylon rope must be used to secure these signs to the railing. No form of electricity or electric equipment may be used on these signs.

2.TemporarySign: One that will be hung no earlier than seven days before the event. These signs may be of vinyl material and may not be larger than three feet in width and five feet in length. They must be hung using the sign hangers on the rails. Temporary signs must be removed no later than 24 hours after the event. No form of electricity or electric equipment may be used on these signs.

3.         Posters: May be hung no earlier than seven days before the event. These signs must be made of a standard size (3’W x 4’L) poster board. No tape may be used to hang posters. They must be hung using the sign hangers on the rails. Posters may be hung with the four-foot side running horizontally. Posters must be removed no later than 24 hours after the event. No form of electricity may be used on these signs. Posters may be hung only in Section D