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Revised Advisement and Registration Procedures:  Revised procedures effective Summer/Fall 2014 terms


Graduate Advising:  Please make a point to advise and register your returning and incoming graduate students by August 27 (i.e., a week after classes begin)-- and within the same window in subsequent semesters. It is important to our reporting of enrollment numbers to IHL that we can "count" all students by the 10th day of classes. Students who for any reason wait until later in the semester to enroll officially for courses compromise this important process.... Maureen Ryan, Interim Dean of the Graduate School


Advising - 100 and 200 Level Challenging Courses Pyramid
Southern Miss Credit Hour Calculator
Student Course Load Worksheet
New SOAR Features for Advisors:  Advisors are now able to see the advisement and registration status of their assigned advisees in their SOAR advisor center.


Batch Run of Student Schedules:  Student schedules can be processed in batch for all students in an academic program, academic plan, student groups, etc.



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