Student Success Recommendations

Implementation Update:


Student Success web site under construction.

All recommendations have been reviewed and approved by Academic Council and Faculty Senate
Appropriate recommendations have been approved by Academic Council and are listed in the 2014-2015 bulletin and calendar and will begin Fall 2014:
    • 4.1 Students will be required to declare a major once they have completed 30 credit hours at USM. Transfer students entering the university with 30 hours or more must declare a major upon admission.
    • 4.2 The academic and financial aid calendars will be modified
    • 4.5 WP and WF grading options are no longer valid for any student at any time.
    • 4.8 The grade replacement policy should be extended to 12 credits for undergraduate students
    • 4.9 The suspension policy will be revised
    • 4.11 The following grade forgiveness policy will be adopted and published- Academic Restart
    • 4.14 Interim grades will be officially reported at the end of the sixth week of classes. Interim grades will replace the current midterm grades.
Investment initiative funding approved
    • 1.7 The University will establish grants and other incentives for curricular and student success innovation in order to support additional initiatives to improve student success.
    • 1.8 The Office of Institutional Research must be adequately staffed and supported to collect, analyze, and report data using appropriate predictive quantitative modeling to better identify at-risk students as well as to assess the effectiveness of retention initiatives.
QEP topic Success Matters under review for possible adoption
Space planning requests
    • Recommendation 1.4 The University will establish a re-conceptualized “University Student Success Center” to serve as a centralized location for student academic and services support and for faculty development.
    • 1.5 The University will establish a “University Services Center” to serve as a centralized location for student services.

Adopted and In-practice

      • 3.9 A technological solution will be established whereby students first register courses for the next semester, prior to meeting with an advisor, at which time that course schedule is verified and confirmed (a change in the advising/enrollment process).
  • Recommendation 3.9.1 (if the change in the NEE indicator is not adopted) The time lag between advising and registration should be minimized so that students can register sooner after advisement.
    • Recommendation 3.14 All students must be assigned an advisor in SOAR. The assignment of an advisor in SOAR must also be part of the change of major process.
Historically Difficult Course Identification:
    • 3.10 A warning popup box in SOAR will be developed that informs a student when registering for a Historically Difficult Course.
      • Implemented a modified version whereby students and advisers have been notified regarding enrollment of two or more HDC’s for fall 2014 while working on the development of the suggested warning system.