Students Must Be Advised

Revised Advisement and Registration Procedures

Effective for the Summer/Fall 2014 terms:

This currently only applies to undergraduate students.

After a University committee reviewed the advisement and registration procedures, the Administration approved their recommendations to remove any registration barriers for students while maintaining advisement oversight within the department. Advisement in the past has been an intensive period that had to occur prior to students registering. This sometimes caused frustration for students and faculty if the advisement could not be arranged before the enrollment appointment window occurred and the desired classes closed. To alleviate the time crunch, continuing students now have the option of getting assistance prior to OR after registration.

If students need assistance in deciding what to take, they are encouraged to seek advisement prior to registration. If a plan of study has already been determined, students can enroll once their enrollment appointment window opens. Once the advisors have reviewed the planned courses either prior to or after registration, the NEE service indicator should be removed by the department as in the past. Students will receive regular automated emails stating they need to get their schedule confirmed through their academic departments until the NEE service indicator is removed.

If the student fails to get the schedule confirmed and/or the NEE service indicator has not been removed by the academic department, the pre-registered classes will be dropped and students will be notified.  There have been cases in which the student was dropped from courses after being advised.  Please review advising lists before the drop date to ensure NEE indicators have been removed for advised students.

The NEE service indicator now says “Schedule must be confirmed” on the student’s panel. Departments removing the NEE ensures that classes will not be dropped for lack of ‘schedule confirmation.

Schedule must be confirmed message

Picture of service indicator summary

Undergraduate students have been assigned registration and advisement checklists as shown below as a resource. As students register for hours for either term and/or get the NEE service indicator removed, the checklist will disappear nightly.

To Do List

Email communications will be sent to students and departmental administration and faculty will be notified as well.

Side notes ----

  • New students still need to attend an orientation session in the summer or a pre-arranged enrollment/advisement meeting with their academic department after the Open Registration period has begun.
  • Readmitted students go through the same process as continuing students with the exception of the Enrollment Appointment times.  Readmitted students register during the Open Registration period.

This currently only applies to undergraduate students.

Additional resources to help in your areas.

Use the following query to identify students in your academic area with service indicator for NEE or NEE REMOVED and those who are enrolled in future terms or not (YES/NO).


Query listing of advisees with advising status

If departments wish to print batch student schedules, use the Student Study List report  process_for_running_student_study_list_v9.pdf