Cost Estimates

For one academic year:

$   15,550.00Tuition for Fall & Spring semesters (waived for international exchange students)
$     5,400.00Shared University Housing for Fall & Spring terms
$        150.00Housing deposit ($75 per semester)
$     2,994.00Meals (7-day plan) Fall & Spring terms
$     1,100.00Estimated Cost of housing& meals for holiday breaks
$     1,650.00Books & supplies (depending on the courses)
$     1,500.00Personal spending ($150 x 10 months)
$     1,530.00Medical insurance (required)
$        105.00Post Office Box (required if living on campus)
$          65.00OIP Airport Shuttle fee (optional)
$          11.00USM ID Card
$          65.00X-Rays
$        150.00International Programming Fee

*This is an estimated cost covering minimal expenses.


For one academic semester (fall or spring only)

$   7,775.00Tuition for Fall/Spring semesters (waived for international exchange students)
$   2,700.00Shared University Housing for Fall or Spring term
$        75.00Housing deposit
$   1,497.00Meals (7-day plan) Fall or Spring term
$      550.00Estimated cost of housing & meals for holiday break
$      825.00 Books & Supplies (Depending on courses)
$      750.00Personal spending ($150 x 5 months)
$      643.00Required medical insurance (Fall semester only)
$      887.00Required medical insurance (Spring semester only)
$        65.00Post Office Box (Fall, required if living on campus)
$        40.00Post Office Box (Spring, required if living on campus)
$        11.00USM ID Card
$        65.00X-rays
$        65.00OIP Airport Shuttle fee (optional)
$        75.00International Programming Fee
$7,361.00*Total for FALL SEMESTER ONLY
$7,605.00*Total for SPRING SEMESTER ONLY

*This is an estimated cost covering minimal expenses.


Each student may make choices about accommodations or other expenses that may cost more than the amounts listed above. This is an estimate of minimal expenses only. Please note: sponsor’s proof of financial support must equal or exceed the total minimum amount listed above for the semester or year of study at Southern Miss.

Each student should arrive on campus able to access at least $1,200.00 in cash to cover settling-in expenses. In addition, 50% of total fees are due in U.S. dollars at the start of each semester. Students are responsible for any additional fees, in particular, fees related to certain courses such as science lab fees, business courses charge a Wall Street Journal fee, etc. Fees are subject to change without notice.

These estimated expenses are for a single student with no wife/husband or children. Those students bringing dependents (wife/husband and children) must show proof of having an additional $2,500.00 per year for the first dependent and $1,000 per year for each additional dependent.