Health & Safety

Good health is a prerequisite to enjoying your time while studying abroad, and is a necessity for any travel periods. It’s important to remember you are the only one who can tell when you’re wearing down, and in most cases the use of a little common sense is all that’s needed to avoid medical problems.

Medical/dental check-ups before you depart are recommended, and in many cases we may require a health statement from your doctor.

Immunizations: Some countries might require certain vaccinations prior to your stay, and in all cases that information will be provided by our office and/or your faculty director during a pre-departure session orientation – you may also refer to the Center for Disease Control website to read what they recommend.

Prescriptions: Should you require any prescriptions while abroad it is important you not only share that information in the medical portion of your application, but also speak with your doctor about getting supplied before you depart. If you are unable to fill your prescription to the amount you require for your time abroad and carry it with you, you should research if it is available where you are going. Be sure to carry a copy of the actual prescription for any medication you are bringing with you abroad, and pack any medicine you might need on the plane in your carry-on luggage (with prescription also) so you have access to it if you need it.

Insurance – The International Student Identification Card you are required to have as a student on a Southern Miss study abroad program comes with valuable medical insurance, and you might find it is enough for your tenure abroad.  For details visit

You may opt for supplemental insurance if you feel the ISIC insurance coverage is not enough. In this case we recommend MedJet Assist