Meet the Staff

Dr. Daniel Norton

Associate Vice President, The Center for International Education

Mrs. Amy Linden

Director, Office of International Programs

Celine Ingram


About Celine:

As the newest member of the team, Celine joins us from France and is thrilled about helping students see the world. She also enjoys working with such an enthusiastic team and the creative-outlets her role provides. Celine spends her spare time laughing, spending time with her family and certainly participates in a little retail therapy from time to time. 

In her own words, "The first time I traveled abroad I was 13 and we went to Germany for several months, and I haven't stopped exploring the world since!"

Places visited: Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Israel - to name a few!

Hannah Jones

Coordinator, International Exchange Programs
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Melissa Ravencraft

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About Melissa:

Melissa is our registration and application extraordinaire - yes, there is a person behind those emails students receive after they apply for a program (grin). Melissa spends her spare time exercising (yoga, running, cycling), knitting, gardening and reading.

In her own words, "I studied abroad eons ago in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and fell in love with the culture.  Never did learn to bargain well, though. I also studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, and went to Bantry Bay, where I’m sure I’ll retire to one day, maybe. As my ancestors are Irish, I felt an instant connection to the beautiful country with awesome people. I try not to look like the typical tourist when abroad, but I can’t help it. I'm the one with the permanent camera fixture around my neck and the rest of the gear on the hip – yeah, it’s bad."

Places visited: In addition to the above, London, England; Morelia, Mexico; and Paris, France.

Frances Sudduth

Administrative Assistant

About Frances:

Frances is the woman to know for Financial Aid related questions, so come on by to visit with her Tuesday-Friday between 9am - 3pm. Frances has been working in the Office of International Programs Office over 25 years now, and still loves her job, specifically: her co-workers, YOU (the students) and the hours she works since she switched to part-time a few years ago. Aside from loving her job, Frances is also thankful for her health, her country and her family. Before she retired to part-time, Frances ran the British Studies Program over 18 years - you want to talk about London? Frances knows all about it!

Places visited: England and a multitude of destinations across the United States