Study Abroad in Italy


17 July - 7 August 2014

Arch of Septemius, BasilicaThe Program

Enjoy 4 weeks in Rome where you will walk through history and study the monuments that remain a testament of Rome's status as the Eternal city.

Excursions to:

  • Pompeii and Herculaneum, Roman cities subsumed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE
  • the island paradise of Capri and the emperor Tiberius' hilltop Villa Iovis
  • the ancient thermal springs of Ischia
  • the massive, rustic Villa of Hadrian at Tivoli
  • the port cities of Ostia and Puteoli that connected Rome to the sea

Optional excursions to Greece or Florence.

Academic Credit

Students will earn credit in LAT 445CA (3 hours) or HIS 436CA (3 hours) (all students will be registered for IS 492CA for one hour) or ITA (6 semester hours of credit in Italian at a level determined by your academic background in Italian. NOT BEING OFFERED SUMMER 2014)


Students will be housed in hotels in both Pompeii and Rome. All rooms are double occupancy.


$4399 (4 semester hours of undergraduate credit)$4599 (4 semester hours of graduate credit)
$4999 (6 semester hours of undergraduate credit) (not being offered)$5199 (6 semester hours of graduate credit (not being offered)

The price of the entire program includes tuition and fees, international student identity card, housing for 20 nights, welcome dinner, airport transportation, in-country transportation, program excursions and entry fees.  The cost does not include flight and personal spending money. 

Students will need to make their own flight arrangements.

Augustus of PrimaEligibility

Minimum program eligibility requirements include the completion of at least 28 semester hours with an overall 2.0 GPA for undergraduates and graduate standing for graduate students. All students must be in clear academic standing. Students must also satisfy any additional prerequisites described under the individual course listings. Final authority over enrollment rests with the Director of the Office of International Programs and the program directors. 

Financial Aid

The program qualifies for financial aid in the form of guaranteed student loans, pell grants, or applicable graduate assistantships. Southern Miss students requiring financial aid should contact Frances Sudduth at the International Programs Office before requesting a 2013 - 2014 Study Abroad Financial Aid Application from the university's Financial Aid Office.

Application/Fee Deadlines

Completed online application, with $250 deposit, due 4 April 2014 (extended deadline). Balance of fees, less deposit, is due 11 April 2014 (extended deadline).

PompeiiCancellations and Refunds

Except in cases of academic ineligibility or course cancellation, deposits are non-refundable. Fees, exclusive of deposit, are refundable if written notification is received prior to 11 April 2014. Thereafter, no refunds will be available. The Office of International Programs should be notified, in writing, of all cancellations.

Faculty Directors

Miles Doleac
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures and Department of History

Luisa Baez
Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures