GS 100

GS 100 is a required 1-hour course for all new students at Southern Miss, and you were registered for this course when you were registered for classes after admission to the university. It is a pass/fail course administered through Blackboard by The First Year Initiative in the Student Success Center.

In GS 100, you’ll be provided with important information and required to learn more about campus resources that will help you adjust to life as a student at Southern Miss.

Here are some things you need to know about GS 100:

  • You must log into Blackboard each week for new information and to take quizzes.  (You will use your SOAR login and password.)
  • The First Year Initiative will communicate with you as needed about the course through your account, so be sure you check that email account on a regular basis.
  • GS 100 is a pass/fail course. You cannot repeat GS 100 if you fail it.
  • If you have questions or concerns about GS 100, you should contact the First Year Initiative. Feel free to come by the First Year Initiative office on the 2nd floor of McLemore Hall or to contact the office by phone (601.266.6405) or email (