Make a Cares Team Referral

The university has two primary systems in place to offer assistance to students who may need help, Early Alert and the CARES Team. Students who do not appear to be a threat to themselves or others should be referred through Early Alert, while students who do should be referred to the CARES Team.

  • Make a Cares Team Referral
    CARES (Campus Action Referral and Evaluation System) is a multidisciplinary team of academic and student affairs professionals that quickly addresses student care needs or a concerning pattern/marked change in student behavior. Members of the campus community can confidentially refer a student for CARES Team evaluation and intervention if they feel that a student may have mental health or behavioral issues that a pose a risk of harm to self or others.  Once a referral is made to the CARES Team, they will swiftly perform a threat assessment and make any necessary interventions. To learn more about the CARES Team, click here. To refer a student to the CARES Team for evaluation, click here.