Make an Early Alert Referral

The university has two primary systems in place to offer assistance to students who may need help, Early Alert and the CARES Team. Students who do not appear to be a threat to themselves or others should be referred through Early Alert, while students who do should be referred to the CARES Team.

How to Make an Early Alert Referral
Early Alert is a formal communication tool for faculty and staff to help identify and intervene on behalf of students who exhibit risk factors and face withdrawal from the university because of personal, academic or financial issues. Faculty and staff can safely and securely submit information on a student experiencing academic challenges or other issues. When a referral is made, the First Year Initiative will reach out to the student to help identify problem areas and to help the student take ownership of their academic success.

To refer a student to Early Alert, log into SOAR and navigate to Self Service> Faculty Center > My Schedule.  The link for Early Alert appears directly under the "My Schedule" heading.  (If you are a staff member without Faculty Center access, please contact First Year Initiative at 601.266.6405 or to make an Early Alert referral.)