Transitional Instruction

The Student Success Center administers academic courses designed specifically for new students. These courses are intended to facilitate students’ transition to university life and seek to provide a common experience for first-year students at Southern Miss, regardless of major.

  • GS 100 | This is a one-hour, pass/fail course for new students that is a key component of a first-year student’s year-long orientation to Southern Miss.
  • UNV 101 | UNV 101 is a two-hour, letter-graded course for new freshmen that is a more in-depth introduction to the functions and resources of the university. It encourages the development of active learning skills and promotes responsible decision-making.
  • UNV 301 | UNV 301 is a two-hour, letter-graded course for new transfer students that explores transition issues for transfer students, including strategies for minimizing “transfer shock” and maximizing success at Southern Miss.
  • LS 101 (Academic Support I) and LS 102 (Academic Support II)| This course is required for students enrolled in two or more intermediate-level (099) courses, as well as those in the year-long academic support program (IHL Policy Section 600-608-D). It consists of classroom, individual and computer-assisted instruction along with career counseling (institutional credit only).
  • LS 250 (Strategic Learning) |This course focuses on the application of strategic management principles to college learning with an emphasis on evaluating academic performance and initiating corrective adjustments.