learn-ing com-mu-ni-ty

[lur-ning kuh-myoo-ni-tee]

a safe environment in which a group of faculty, staff, and/or students can explore a topic outside of discipline specific groups


Over the summer we started the conversation of learning communities through multiple blogs and a webinar. For more information about the background of learning communities through our previous posts, you can find that information herehere, and here.


Through our exploration of the concept of learning communities, we believe they could provide some great opportunities for our campus. There are several topics that have emerged from these conversations that could serve as the beginnings of learning communities, but at the moment there is no central place to find information about them or get connected to others who are interested in similar topics. As a result, in the Think Center we have developed a system in which learning communities can function, a Grand Central Station of sorts. If you are interested in creating or participating in a learning community, the Think Center will offer the resources to help in its’ facilitation. We can provide space, promotion, connections to other similarly interested parties, and house information about communities to reduce duplication. We won’t be creating these communities ourselves, rather as we see this as a forum for faculty to explore.



Sounds fun, right?! We already have some interesting topics on tap based on the aforementioned conversations. So whether you want to join, have an idea for a community, or would just like more information – let us know through the linked form below.


Learning Community Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1n2Wc27yNSdmzP8q-Aaq3lxzhwY1lZdeDTyWorXbF8BY/viewform



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