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If you’re a student reading this, you probably follow the Think Center and hang out study here on occasion – which means you SHOULD be a Think Center member already (if not, see this post to get that taken care of…key words “free” and “easy” apply here). Assuming this is the case, we want to help you CONTINUE to improve your learning and set yourself up for success at USM – no matter what classes you have this semester (bring it on, we aren’t scared). In light of this, see below for upcoming “workshops” designed to help you take what you know and apply it to your learning. Warning!! These are more like guided activity sessions where you come ready to work and leave with a plan or a study group structure or whatever it is we are aiming for in the particular workshop you choose.

For more continuous support in specific, themed areas, you may want to explore our learning communities. These are facilitated communities focused on particular outcomes, whether that be improving learning in a foreign language, participating in research on a specific topic, working longer-term with a discipline-specific group of students (i.e. nursing), or creating your own based on a need you identify. We are here to basically help you set it up, provide a space as needed, and offer support to help you make the most of these communities.

We are also really excited to introduce the Student Ambassador Program through the Think Center *Yay* *Fireworks go off* *Applause Ensues* (Okay maybe not all that, but we ARE excited). If you would be interested in both continuing your own personal development and connecting others to Think Center resources and have creative team-oriented leadership opportunities, we’d love for your to fill out the application to become a Think Center Student Ambassador here. You can find out more details about expectations and benefits there, in your interview, or by e-mailing

 Upcoming Workshops – Hattiesburg Location

February 5th, 5:30-6:30pm AND February 12th, 5:30-6:30pm

“Resolve to Succeed (And Make a Plan to Actually Do It!)”

A two-part workshop helping you take what you learned about your personal learning preferences, your syllabi, and hands-on activities to develop an academic plan.  On the 5th, you’ll get started, and receive “homework”. On the 12th, you’ll finish up your academic plan and get feedback as well as have opportunities to connect with other workshop participants to continue improving throughout the semester. Must attend both sessions. Click here to register! Space is limited.

February 11th, 12:00-1:00pm

“Creating a Successful Study Group”

If you have a class or group of people who want to study together for whatever reason, bring your syllabus and preferably the people you want to do it with and we’ll help you set up a study group that will spend more time actually studying and less of what typically happens (you know…long discussions about “that guy/girl in class”, the weekend, etc…you know exactly what I mean.) Click here to register!

Upcoming Workshops – Gulf Coast Location (GC Library Suite 101)

We’re so excited about our recently opened Gulf Coast location of the Think Center and have some upcoming workshops for you there as well! Since students haven’t had much time to join yet, not all of these require membership as a prerequisite :) See details for each workshop below and contact to register or for more information!

January 28th,  3:30-4:15 p.m.

“A Think Center Approach to Studying Smart”

Make the most of your time and effort. Learn how understanding your approach to learning can help you develop new ways to maximize efficiency when you study.  Find the best ways to retain the information that you learn beyond test day.

February 10th, 10:30 – 11:15 a.m.

“Time (and Space) to Th!nk : A Busy Person’s Guide to College Success”

Finding it difficult to manage your time or to find a space that’s conducive to study? Find out how to combat procrastination, energize your efforts, plan effectively and seek out the study space that works best for you.

March 17th, 11-45a.m.-12:30p.m.

“Decreasing Stress and Increasing Focus”

(For Think Center Members Only)

Frazzled? Distracted? Too much to do? Learn how your learning personality type reacts to stress and the best ways to use your personal strengths to improve your focus on what matters. Become a Think Center member and join us for this personalized workshop.




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