Individually and in groups, students discover how to leverage their own learning characteristics to learn most efficiently and demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness.


Wondering what goes into being a Think Center member? One important thing and three easy steps.

Important thing: It’s FREE!

Three easy steps:

  1. Complete the personality-type inventory here (or copy/paste into your browser)
  2. Sign up for an available session here (or copy/paste ) *Note; about 6 date/time options show up at a time. New dates added towards the end of each week, typically staying about a week ahead.
  3. Show up!


For students in the Think Centerthe sessions, you’ll be in groups of anywhere from 1-6, and they take about an hour. We’ll walk through your personality-type results and talk about learning strategies that will likely work best for your specific preferences. We’ll also briefly go through what we call a “problem-solving design” – which is just a series of steps to help you take the information from the session and turn it into something really practical and helpful to YOU. The same process can also be applied to research, writing, projects…pretty much anything.


That’s it! Ta-Da! Membership granted.  If you have any questions or would like any more information, send an e-mail to Toni Sayger at


Hope to see you soon!


One of the major objectives of the Think Center is to help students build solution-oriented thinking skills. The center focuses on student learning by making the thinking and learning processes more apparent. The intent is to produce students who gain skills at comprehending content and also become better able to manage real-world situations in adaptive and resourceful ways.


students at work

The Think Center model establishes a deliberate plan to encourage the learner to grow beyond basic recall to making judgments about ideas and materials, thus internalizing the information.  Students have an opportunity to join an environment designed to foster learning, identify effective strategies, and evaluate potential solutions, which can enhance both comprehension and application.


In order to empower students to understand and expand their current learning practices, students complete an online inventory and practice using a problem solving process to develop and test academic strategies they can apply in learning situations.  From this information, students begin to gain personal insight and deeper understanding about the way they process and organize information.




The Student Think Center is an initiative of the Learning Enhancement Center at The University of Southern Mississippi funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education Strengthening Institutions Program [Title III Part A] for $1,954,151 over a five year period.

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