Top 20 Reasons to be in the College of Health


The Southern Miss College of Health has something for everyone!

The College of Health offers dynamic programs in demanding health-related fields with great opportunities for advancement and job placement. The career outlook for jobs in healthcare is very high, and more than 90% of our graduates receive a job within three months of graduation. In addition, our large number of active clinical placement sites and internship opportunities across the Southeast mutually benefit our students and community partners. The education that the College of Health provides will not only prepare students for success, but it will empower them to make the world a better, healthier place.


Why should YOU be a part of the College of Health? 

Here's 20 reasons why:

  1. We lead in creating a culture of health at Southern Miss.
  2. We excel in applied research and community partnerships
  3. We have many programs that prepare you for Medical School
  4. We foster collaboration for healthcare improvement throughout Mississippi
  5. More than 90% of our graduates obtain a job in their field within six months of graduation, with opportunities for rapid career advancement
  6. Our Department of Medical Laboratory Science is the sole source of medical laboratory scientists in South Mississippi, with an unmatched 100% first time pass rate on the professional licensure exam.
  7. Our students are leaders in the region, with a licensure pass rate above the national average.
  8. Our School of Social Work prepares change agents for health, mental health, school, and community settings, with more than 100 internship opportunities in the region
  9. We offer the only Executive Master of Public Health and Doctor of Audiology programs in Mississippi
  10. We support the South Mississippi Area Health Education Center, enhancing quality health care through education and workforce training
  11. We have more than 500 active clinical training sites throughout the Southeast
  12. We offer accessible, student-centered programs on both the Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses.
  13. Health care is among the fastest-growing and secure job industries in the United States.
  14. Our faculty in the Department of Nutrition and Food Systems are leading researchers in the fight against obesity.
  15. Our School of Human Performance and Recreation offers an array of career paths in recreation, sport, coaching, exercise science, and more
  16. We house the Center on Aging, a great resource on senior issues in South Mississippi.
  17. Our Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences is home to the Children’s Center for Communication and Development, the DuBard School for Language Disorders, and the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, unparalleled clinical learning sites and community service centers.
  18. Our graduates are ready for great healthcare jobs in both the public and private sectors
  19. We provide exceptional support for student success resources to ensure that each student may achieve high quality health education
  20. We are the home to the Family Network Partnership, providing services to children and families on Hattiesburg’s east side.