Degree Details

About this Bachelor's Degree

The administration communication emphasis serves business professionals interested in pursuing careers in the areas of administration, communication and/or the development and training of individuals in government, health and private sectors.  

The emphasis provides individuals with the specialized knowledge and skills they need to apply today's technologies toward reaching business/training goals within their work settings.

Administrative communication is an exciting career field that is changing every day due to recent innovations of computer and telecommunication technologies. Technology is a vital source of managing information/business systems (e.g., including human resources, accounting and budgeting), processing information (e.g., business and electronic communications, networking) and training and instruction (e.g., performance-based skills).

Thus, a person with an IT/AC education can serve as the focal point in assisting members of the business or organization in developing, implementing, utilizing and evaluating informational, business and/or instructional programs concerning technology use.

The mission of the undergraduate program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work ethics essential for initial employment in the technological environment of today's business world.

Students will obtain a broad, general education; develop a conceptual understanding of business, administration and technology and how these elements apply to and affect society; and demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the best professional practices of the office administration field.

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will develop office management skills including, but not limited to, human relations skills, workplace ethics and cultural diversity.
  • Students will create a technologically updated and ergonomically correct office system.  
  • Students will integrate technological and problem-solving skills necessary for career success in business or industry.  
  • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills and research skills appropriate for future employment in business technology education and office administration fields via the creation of resumés and cover letters.  
  • Students will demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for future professional development in business technology education and office administration fields.