About this Bachelor's Degree

The nutrition science emphasis is suitable for students who wish to study nutrition but do not intend to enter into dietetics practice or pursue registered dietitian credentialing. 

This emphasis is appropriate for students who wish to pursue post-baccalaureate professional or graduate education in nutrition or the health sciences. Completion of this degree program will provide a foundation for further study in the health sciences, and will satisfy some, but not all, admission requirements for professional programs in medicine and allied health. 

Admission requirements for graduate and professional programs in the health sciences, including medicine, optometry, dentistry, physical and occupational therapy, differ by program. Students who are choosing the nutrition science emphasis in nutrition and dietetics as a foundation for a professional degree should  check with the admissions office of the program of their choice to determine its admission requirements.   

Student Learning Outcomes / Program Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of food systems, including management principles and financial management.
  • Students will understand the role of nutrition in human health, disease prevention, and health promotion in a variety of settings.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate dietetic practice-related information.   
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct research and present and apply research findings relevant to dietetics practice.
  • Program graduates will have the knowledge and skills required as an entry-level dietetics practitioner.