Faculty-Staff Directory



Howard M. Paine

Chair and Associate Professor

Email: howard.paine@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-4973

Office: GHB 108

Artwork: Howard Paine Artwork


Allen Chen

Assistant Professor, Ceramics

Email: allen.chen@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6031

Office: 3D 108

Jennifer Courts

Assistant Professor, Art History

Email: jennifer.courts@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6959

Office: GHB 105


DeAnna Douglas

Professor, Graphic Design and Foundations

Email: deanna.douglas@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6939

Office: GHB 111H

Artwork: Deanna Douglas Artwork


Janet Gorzegno

Professor, Drawing & Painting and Foundations

Email: janet.gorzegno@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6935

Office: GHB 115


Dori Griffin

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

Email: dori.griffin@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-5286

Office: GHB 111D


John Mark Lawler

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

Email: john.lawler@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-4861

Office: GHB 111C


James Meade

Professor, Drawing & Painting and Foundations

Phone: 601-266-6961

Office: GHB 123B

Artwork: James Meade Artwork


Marcus Michels

Assistant Professor, Foundations

Email: marcus.michels@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-5122

Office: GHB 123C


Carolyn McIntyre Norton

Visiting Professor, Foundations and Design

Email: carolyn.norton@usm.edu

Office: GHB 116B


Mark Rigsby

Assistant Professor, Museum Director

Email: mark.rigsby@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-5200

Office: GHB 114

Artwork: Mark Rigsby Artwork


Jennifer Torres

Professor, Sculpture, Ceramics and Foundations

Email: jennifer.torres@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6032

Office: 3D 114

Artwork: Jennifer Torres Artwork




Caterina Ventura

Assistant to the Chair

Email: caterina.ventura@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-4972

Office: GHB 106


James Davis

3D Art Technician and Adjunct, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Foundations

Email: james.d.davis@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-5125

Office: 3D 112


Taylor Davis

Gallery Assistant

Email: taylor.barnett@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6389

Office: GHB 114





John House


Email: john.house@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6387

Office: GHB 111B


Traci Stover

Adjunct, Drawing and Art Appreciation

Email: traci.stover@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6380

Office: GHB 111J


Cassandra Palmer

Adjunct, Art Appreciation

Email: cassandra.palmer@usm.edu

Phone: 601-266-6387

Office: GHB 111B


Tommy Connor

Adjunct, Art Appreciation

Email: tommy.connor@usm.edu


Betty Press

Adjunct, Photography

Email: bettypress@gmail.com

Phone: 601-266-6387

Office: GHB 111B 


David Wilkinson

Adjunct, Art Education

Email: david.wilkinson@usm.edu

Office: GHB 119