Mark Rigsby

Assistant Professor and Museum Director

Mark Rigsby, is director of The University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art and an asstant professor for the Department of Art & Design.  

Rigsby received his BFA from Auburn University in 1991 with emphasis in ceramics and painting, and his MFA from The University of Alabama in 1997 with emphasis in ceramics and sculpture.  In graduate school Rigsby began research in the ancient techniques of wood-fired ceramics and kiln construction, research that continues to inspire his work today.  He has worked in clay for over 25 years.  

Born in Laurel, MS and raised in Alabama, Rigsby now lives in the Dixie Community of South Hattiesburg where he & his wife Melanie Eubanks share a rural home studio.  Rigsby's creative research focuses on ceramic sculpture, as well as utilitarian wood-fired and soda-fired porcelain and stoneware. He is a member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, exhibits his work throughout the country, and is represented by numerous fine craft galleries across the southeast.

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