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Beta Alpha Psi

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Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for Financial Information students and professionals well respected by accounting firms. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. The University of Southern Mississippi’s chapter of Beta Alpha Psi has held the nationally recognized Superior Chapter status since the 2011-12 academic year, an honor that only 49% of chapters hold. 

Check out our Spring 2020 Newsletter to find out more about what we have been doing! 

  • CPE Seminar: Accounting and Auditing Update
    August 13, 2020  |  8:00am - 4:30pm 
    Offered online through WebEx or in-person at Scianna Hall, Rooms 1043, 1046 & 1048
    Cost: $100.00
    The seminar will be led by Donald H. Minyard, Ph.D., CPA/ABV, CFE, CFF. 

    This event, along with the support of the School of Accountancy, has provided many members the opportunity to attend Beta Alpha Psi’s regional and annual meetings. The CPE Seminar is sponsored by the School of Accountancy Beta Alpha Psi and Regions Bank and is approved by the Mississippi State Board of Public Accountancy.

    For more information, please email marvin.bouillonFREEMississippi

Membership in Beta Alpha Psi includes those persons of good moral character who have achieved scholastic and/or professional excellence in the fields of accounting, finance, or information systems, who have been initiated by an existing chapter and who remain in good standing.

Minimum scholastic requirements for undergraduate membership are set forth in the by-laws. Graduate student initiates must have been accepted and matriculated into a master’s degree level program. Individual chapters may establish higher admission criteria.

Beta Alpha Psi is committed to professional and leadership development, networking, and community involvement. Members gain invaluable skills and the opportunity to interact with faculty, professionals, and peers in a unique and informative way setting them and the organization apart along with preparing them for their future careers. Members also build self-confidence, discover career opportunities, and travel to regional and national conferences throughout the United States. 

Candidates: $85 ($65 National Fee for initiation)
Members: $60 each semester after initiation

Hour Requirements
Professional Hours Per Semester (any program of a professional nature)
Candidates and Members: 6 hours
Service Hours Per Semester (any program of a charitable nature)
Candidates and Members: 8 hours
Two additional hours are required for candidates and members for a total required hours of 16 per semester. The two additional hours may be professional or service hours. 

President: Samantha Coblentz

VP of Professional Development: Hunter Graham

VP of Recruitment: Lainey Aenchbacher

VP of Social Outreach: Hanna Aso

VP of Community Outreach: Kayla Jo Martin

Reporting Secretary: Laura Chatham

Treasurer: Hunter Reed

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School of Accountancy

3071 Scianna Hall (SCH) 
Hattiesburg, MS 39406 


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