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A campus visit is an essential step in deciding whether Southern Miss is right for you. You can schedule a visit to the Hattiesburg or Gulf Park campuses.

Hattiesburg Visit Scheduler   Gulf Park Visit Scheduler

Before You Schedule a Visit to the Hattiesburg campus

  • Campus visits are available Monday-Friday.
  • You can schedule your campus visit as either an individual appointment or as part of a group appointment.  If you are interested in an individual appointment, please have several dates in mind that would work for you.  Our individual appointment slots tend to fill up quickly.
  • Campus visits cannot be scheduled through the Online Visit Scheduler any sooner than nine working days in advance of the date you would like to visit.  If you would like to schedule a visit to campus that would take place within the next five working days, please call Admissions at 601.266.5000 for assistance.
  • If you would like to schedule a campus visit on behalf of a school or community group, please call Admissions at 601.266.5000 to arrange the details of your visit instead of using the Online Visit Scheduler.
  • If you have any questions or need to change the details of your scheduled visit, please contact Admissions at 601.266.5000.


Hattiesburg Campus Visit FAQs


When is the best time to schedule a campus visit?
Weekdays – when classes are in session – afford the best insight into the Southern Miss experience and campus life. Our mission is to provide you with a campus visit experience that addresses all of your needs, and we are best able to do that during the week while classes are in session so that you can access as many campus resources as needed.


How long does a typical campus tour last?
A campus visit usually lasts 1-2 hours.


What is the difference between an individual appointment and a group appointment?
Both appointment formats allow students to discuss admissions requirements, scholarships and financial aid, campus housing and student life with an admissions counselor as well as receive a guided tour of campus. In an individual appointment, students can also choose for Admissions to schedule appointments with faculty in their proposed areas of study. (Group tour participants are free to schedule faculty appointments on their own.)


Why is it necessary that I schedule a campus visit? Can’t I just show up?
Walk-in visitors will be accommodated as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that all appointment and special requests will be met unless your visit is scheduled in advance.


Can I schedule a campus tour for a school or community group?
Group tours for high-school aged students should be scheduled through Admissions.  If you want to schedule a campus visit for groups of younger students or for any other non-high school-aged audience, please contact University Communications at 601.266.4491 for further assistance.


I have a disability.  What accommodations can be made for me during my campus visit?
If special assistance or auxiliary aids are needed to accommodate a disability, please contact Admissions at 601.266.5000 or to discuss accommodations at least one week prior to your scheduled visit.


I have trouble walking long distances. Will I be able to get a tour of campus during my visit?
Yes.  Please contact Admissions at 601.266.5000 or to discuss accommodations at least one week prior to your scheduled visit in order to ensure a full campus visit experience with no inconvenience.