Tuition, Campus Housing & Meal Plans

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All costs are per year. Fees are in accordance with the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and are subject to change without notice. 


2016-17 Tuition & Fees

  • General tuition and fees* -- $7,659/full year
  • Out-of-state tuition and fees -- $16,529/full year

 *Tuition rate for students enrolled in 12-19 hours. You can also view tuition rates by semester hour.


2016-17 Campus Housing Rates

Residential options are available only on the Hattiesburg campus.

  • Century Park North -- $6,344/full year
  • Century Park South -- $6,344/full year
    • Luckyday Citizenship
    • Vann and Scott
  • McCarty Hall -- $5,588/full year
  • Scholarship Hall -- $5,380/full year
  • Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Hillcrest -- $5,078/full year (single); $4,356/full year (double)
  • Wilber -- $4,820/full year (single); $4,100/full year (double)

2016-17 Meal Plan Rates

  • Meal Plan --$3,400-$4,050/full year

(All students living on campus in Hattiesburg must purchase a meal plan. All meal plans are seven-day plans with variable options.)

2016-17 Total Minimum Cost

(Tuition, fees, housing and meals)

  • In-state -- $15,159/full year
  • Out-of-state -- $24,029/full year


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