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Advisement Center

About Us

Advisement Center Heading

MissionHolistic 360º Support

The primary mission of the University Advisement Center is to provide holistic, 360-degree support to all first-year students; the Center also provides walk-in support to any Southern Miss student in order to maximize their retention and success at the institution.


Key Values

Gold Block Expertise

Advisors are well-trained, knowledgeable professionals with deep expertise in specific academic fields as well as a generally high level of skill in advisement across disciplines.

Blue BlockEmpathy

Advisors listen first, approaching students with warmth and a genuine desire to understand their circumstances and begin crafting a path forward from where they are.

Grey BlockPath-making

Advisement is about creating a customized path to graduation that assists students with identifying and overcoming obstacles that they will face.

Gold BlockInclusivity

Our students are diverse in many ways, and advisors recognize the richness that diversity brings to our community. Advisement training cultivates practices that are sensitive to that diversity and to the different challenges students from varied backgrounds may face.

Green BlockAccountability

Advisors and students alike are held accountable for their responsibilities; each role carries with it certain duties, and part of the advisors’ responsibilities will be to support the students in learning new skills of self-navigation and goal-setting so that they can become increasingly independent and accomplished.

Blue BlockGrowth

Learning is about growth, and advisors are committed to continual professional development, and we expect the same from students through the process of being advised.