What is the point?

Advising is a time for you to sit down one-on-one with your faculty advisor to talk about your academic career, plans for the future, and strategies for getting where you want to be in terms of graduate school and/or your career. We do not view advising as just about picking out classes or getting registered for that semester. In fact, if you look up requirements for your major in the undergraduate bulletin you should be able to pick out your own classes and graduate just fine. You don't need a faculty member to do that. But you do need a faculty advisor to make the most of your education, set goals for your future, and make the best choices now that will help make your post-graduation life easier.

Advising is important. We require all of our students to be advised at least once per semester by their faculty advisor. You can look on the Registrar's website for the academic calendar that will list the dates for advisement. You will also receive an email from Petra Lamb, the department's administrative assistant, to remind you about coming in for advisement. Please sign up early, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Before you come to the meeting, be sure to do your part to arrive prepared by completing the following paperwork:

  • Advising Worksheet. Print out the worksheet below for your major (Anthropology or Sociology BA or Sociology BS) and complete it prior to your appointment. Once you complete it, you should hold on to it and use the same sheet in future semesters. This sheet helps to keep you on track with all your requirements to graduate.
  • Semester Class Schedule. After you complete the advising worksheet, identify which classes you need to take for that semester. Write these classes in the semester schedule form. Bring that to advising.

Print out your advising worksheet and your semester schedule form here

By completing this paperwork BEFORE coming to advising, your advising meeting can focus more on what we see as "the point" of advising: Helping you succeed at Southern Miss and in your future career.

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