What is the point?

Advising is important. It is a time for you to sit down one-on-one with your faculty adviser to talk about your academic career, plans for the future, and strategies for getting where you want to be in terms of graduate school and/or your career.  Advising is not about picking out classes or getting registered for that semester. You can look up requirements for your major in the undergraduate bulletin or in your Advisement/Degree Progress Report on SOAR and you should be able to pick out your own classes and graduate just fine. You don't need a faculty member to do that for you. But you do need a faculty adviser to help you make the most of your education, set goals for your future, and make the best choices now that will help make your post-graduation life easier. 

See USM’s academic advising web page for more information on the advising process:

Mandatory Advisement

You can come in for advisement any time during the semester but we do require all of our students to be advised at least once per semester by their faculty advisor. A mandatory advisement period will be scheduled when registration opens in the fall and in the spring.  You will receive an email from Petra Lamb, the department's administrative assistant, to remind you to make an appointment with your advisor during this advisement period.

What happens during the mandatory advisement period?

  • Email, call, or stop by your adviser’s office to make an appointment. 
  • Before you come to your appointment have your schedule for the next semester already completed in SOAR. We will enroll you in classes after you have met with your adviser.
  • When you meet with your adviser, they will view your schedule in SOAR (either in your shopping cart or your class schedule) and approve it or suggest changes. 
  • After your adviser reviews your schedule, you will be able to discuss with your adviser your academic progress and strategies for getting where you want to be in terms of graduate school and/or your career.  

Scheduling Resources:

  • Advising Worksheet. If you prefer to have a worksheet to help you keep track of the courses you need for your major (Anthropology or Sociology BA or Sociology BS).

2017 and later
Anthropology BA (pdf)

2013 and later
Anthropology BA (pdf)
Sociology BA (pdf)
Sociology BS (pdf)

2012 and earlier
Anthropology BA (pdf)
Sociology BA (pdf)
Sociology BS (pdf)

The “point" of advising is to help you succeed at Southern Miss and in your future career.  If you have questions, please contact the department at  601.266.4306 or