Ann Marie Kinnell

Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair

Ph.D. Indiana University, 1997

Research Interests
Dr. Kinnell’s research focuses on volunteering, service learning, and student civic engagement.   Research projects have examined student attitudes towards service-learning courses at USM and (as the director of the Nonprofit Studies program) nonprofit organizations’ attitudes towards student internships.  Current projects focus on the development of faculty-agency relationships in service-learning courses and the long term impact on students and communities of service learning and other civic engagement programs.

A Study of HIV Prevention and Test Counseling: The Social Organization of Client-Centered Discourse

Selected Publications
2016    Dolch, Norman A., Julianne Gassman, Ann Marie Kinnell, Stephanie Krick, Edward C. Polson, Regan Schaffer, Susan Cruise, and Ronald Wade.  Nongovernmental Organizations: Case  Studies in Leadership from Around the World.  Dubuque, IA:Kendall Hunt. Author (with Chris Coats): Chapter 7 Building Sustainability: The Trailblazer Foundation in Cambodia

2015    Dolch, Norman A., Julianne Gassman, Ann Marie Kinnell, Stephanie Krick, Regan Schaffer, SueAnn Strom, Susan Cruise, and Ronald Wade.  Leadership Cases in Community Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition. Dubuque, IA:Kendall Hunt  (1st edition published 2013). Author: Introduction, Chapter 6 Case Study: Gulf Coast Shelter

Gassman, Julianne, Norman A. Dolch, Ann Kinnell, Stephanie Krick, Regan Harwell Schaffer, Sue Ann Strom, and Amy Costliow. 2014. “The Great Recession and The Nonprofit Sector” International Leisure Review, 3(1): 104-126.

Gassman,  Julianne, Dolch, Norman A., Kinnell, Ann, Krick, Stephanie, Schaffer Regan Harwell,   Strom, SueAnn. 2012.  “Did Entrepreneurship Contribute to Nonprofits Surviving the Great Recession?” International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2(6), 20-31.

Conville, Richard, and Kinnell, Ann Marie. 2010. "Relational Elements of Service-Learning: Common Ground for Faculty, Students, and Community Partners."  Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 3 (1), 27-40.

Swanson, David A.; Forgette, Rich; Van Boening, Mark; Holley, Cliff; and Kinnell, Ann Marie. 2007. Assessing Katrina’s Demographic and Social Impacts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Vol. 52(4): 228-242.

Kinnell, Ann Marie and Dellinger, Kirsten. 2007. Challenges of Collecting Survey Data on the Mississippi Gulf Coast After Hurricane Katrina: An In-Depth Interview Study of Survey Team Members Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Vol. 52 (4): 223-227.

Courses Taught
SOC 101. Understanding Society
SOC 214. The Family
SOC 333. Sociology Careers Practicum
SOC 405. Nonprofits and Social Change
SOC 450. Social Psychology
SOC 462. Methods of Social Research