Careers in Anthropology

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Although it is unusual to find a job posting that specifically requests an anthropology degree, your undergraduate major has nonetheless given you training that may be applied to a variety of employment settings.  You have gained oral and written communication skills as well as the ability to conduct research and think critically.  In addition, you have gained a social and cultural perspective that will serve you well in a number of private, educational, non-profit, business, and international job opportunities.  You may have to bring these skills to the attention of your potential employer during an interview, but USM graduates have been successful in obtaining work in a variety of positions, including:

High School Teacher, Contract Archaeologist, Librarian, Computer Technology Consultant, Museum Collections Manager, Park Ranger, Community Health Program Organizer, Victims’ Rights Liaison for District Attorney, Crime Scene Investigator, Military Officer, Ethnography, Housing & Urban Development, and Immigrant Educator.     

Others have continued their education with graduate studies not only in Anthropology, but also in Library Science, History, Community Health, and Law. If you would like further information about careers in Anthropology, the following links may be helpful: