The multifaceted nature of anthropology, which integrates into a single discipline the social sciences, the natural sciences, and humanistic studies, uniquely combines skills and insights that will prove essential in many contemporary settings. Students will complete courses in cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and anthropological linguistics.


Sociology is a discipline built on scientific analysis of the social world. Sociologists explore a wide variety of topics, including the organization of human interaction, the influence of groups on behavior, the structure of societies, patterns of social change, and the role of institutions in social life. Students of sociology seek to understand the world around them from a historical, critical perspective, and the tools gained from studying sociology are relevant to both personal and occupational success. In the rapidly changing, global society of today, sociology provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to new social environments.

Nonprofit Studies Undergraduate Minor

The Undergraduate Nonprofit Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor which provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for work in the nonprofit sector. This minor is appropriate for students in all colleges and majors who wish to pursue a variety of career choices from research and advocacy to the arts to health and social services