Dual Master's Program in Anthropology and History

Since Fall 1999, the graduate programs in History and Anthropology have offered a dual-master's degree to train students specifically to work in the public sector.

The student will complete coursework in both departments and write a single thesis. Courses will include a series of team-taught seminars titled Presenting Heritage I and II, in which students will be exposed to a variety of topics, including public folklore and festivals, designing museum displays, architectural history and preservation, and working with lay people through clubs and neighborhood associations.

Graduates will be prepared for employment with government agencies, such as the National Park Service, historic homes, and museums.

Course Requirements Common to Both Degrees:

1. ANT/HIS 605 - Presenting Heritage I

2. ANT/HIS 606 - Presenting Heritage II

3. ANT 537 - Heritage Resources and Public Policy

4. 12 hours of Internship

5. 6 hours of Thesis (3 ANT 698, 3 HIS 698)


History Course Requirements

Anthropology Course Requirements

1. HIS 710 - Philosophy and Methods of History

1. ANT 621 - Seminar in Ethnology

2. HIS 711 - Research Seminar in American History

2. ANT 631 - Seminar in Archaeology

3a. HIS 725 - Themes in American History to 1865 OR

3. ANT 641 - Seminar in Biological Anthropology

3b. HIS 726 - Themes in American History Since 1865


4. 6-9 hours of electives

5. 9 hours of electives


If you would like further information concerning this program, please contact Dr. Marie Danforth (Anthropology and Sociology) or Dr. Kenneth Swope (History).