Dual Master's Program in Anthropology and Library and Information Science

Since Fall 1999, the graduate programs in Library and Information Science and Anthropology have offered a dual-master's degree to train students specifically to work in the public sector.

The student will complete coursework in both departments and write a single thesis (although the thesis committee will include faculty members from both programs).

Graduates will be prepared for employment with libraries at academic institutions and in positions requiring archival training.

Library and Information Science


1. LIS 501 - Introduction to Reference Resources and Services

1. ANT 621 - Seminar in Ethnology

2. LIS 505 - Cataloging and Classification

2. ANT 631 - Seminar in Archaeology

3. LIS 511 - Development of Library Collections

3. ANT 641 - Seminar in Biological Anthropology

4. LIS 605 - Library Management

4. ANT 698 - Thesis (3 hours)

5. LIS 636 - The Library in American Society


6. LIS 651 - Introduction to Information Science


7. LIS 666 - Social Science Resources


8. LIS 691 - Thesis (3 hours)


Library and Information Science Electives (6 hrs)

Anthropology Electives (18-21 hrs)

1. LIS 533 History of the Book

No more than 6 hours of field methods (ANT516 and ANT 536)

2. LIS 646 Special Collections and Archives

No more than 9 hours of independent study (ANT 692, ANT 792)

3. LIS 647 Introduction to Archival Administration


4. LIS 649 Preservation of Documentary Materials



In addition to the above, students must demonstrate proficiency in one foreign language or take 6 hours of graduate level quantitative research methods. Comprehensive examinations in both departments will also be administered.


If you would like further information concerning this program, please contact Dr. Marie Danforth (Anthropology and Sociology) or Dr. Teresa Welsh (Library and Information Science).