Amy Chasteen Miller

Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1998

Research interests
Dr. Miller's primary area of specialization is gender studies, with additional research interests in deviant behavior, culture, and health. For about a decade, her research has focused on the sociology of childbirth. In a large-scale project to explore women's diverse experiences with childbirth in the U.S., she has conducted qualitative research on midwives and their clients, women who choose unassisted homebirth, and the experiences of women giving birth in hospitals. Dr. Miller also has a research interest in college student engagement and success, particular with regard to the role of diversity.

Reid, Julie and Amy Chasteen Miller. 2014. “‘We Understand Better Because We Have Been Mothers’: Teaching, Maternalism, and Gender Equality in Bolivian Education.” Gender & Education 26(6): 688-704.

Miller, Amy Chasteen. 2012. “On the Margins of the Periphery: Managing the Stigma of Unassisted Childbirth.” Sociological Spectrum 32(5): 406-423.
            **Winner of the 2012 Sociological Spectrum Article of the Year award

Miller, Amy Chasteen and Thomas E. Shriver. 2012. “Women’s Childbirth Preferences and Practices in the United States.” Social Science and Medicine, 75: 709-716.

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SOC 101. Understanding Society
SOC 240. Social Problems
SOC 340. Deviant Behavior
SOC 423/523. Sociology of Health