Dana Fennell

Associate Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. University of Florida, 2005

Research Interests
Dr. Dana Fennell's research interests fall within the areas of health, the environment, and the sociology of knowledge.  Much of her research looks at the health of minority groups.   Her dissertation and other research projects have examined the construction of knowledge about food, and farmers' decisions on whether to use conventional or organic growing techniques.  Her current research explores racial/ethnic differences in complementary and alternative medicine use, the lived experience of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the construction and use of silence in spiritual practices, and representations of race/ethnicity in anime.  

Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Farmers and Biotechnology in the South.

Selected Publications
Fennell, D.  Forthcoming.  "If You’re ‘So OCD,’ What Does That Make Me?"  in Routledge Handbook on Deviance, edited by Stephen E. Brown and Ophir Sefiha.  New York: Routledge.

2014 Fennell, D., and M. Boyd. “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Media.” Deviant Behavior. 35(9):669-686.

2013 Fennell, D., A. Liberato, B. Hayden, and Y. Fujino. “Consuming Anime.”  Television and New Media. 14(5):440-456.

2012 Fennell, Dana.  “Explorations of Silence in the Religious Rituals of Buddhists and Quakers.” Religion.  24(12):549-574.

2009 Fennell, Dana.  “Marketing Science: The Corporate Faces of Genetic Engineering.”  Journal of Communication Inquiry.  33(1):5-26.

2009 Fennell, Dana., A. Liberato, B. Zsembik. “Definitions and Patterns of CAM Use by the Lay Public.”  Complementary Therapies in Medicine.  17(2):71-77.

2008 Liberato, A., D. Fennell, and W. L. Jeffries IV.  “I Still Remember America: Senior African Americans Talk About Segregation.”  Journal of African American Studies.  12(3):229-242.

2007 Fennell, Dana, and A. Liberato. Learning to Live with OCD: Labeling, the Self, and Stigma.”  Deviant Behavior.  28(4):305-331.

2007 Liberato, A., and D. Fennell.  “Gender and Well-Being in the Dominican Republic: The Impact of Free Trade Zone Employment and Female Headship.”  World Development. 35(3):394-409.

2005 Zsembik, B., and D. Fennell.  2005.  “Ethnic Variation in Health and the Determinants of Health Among Latinos."  Social Science & Medicine.  61(1):53-63.

2004 Fennell, Dana.   “Determinants of Supplement Usage.”  Preventive Medicine.  39(5):932-939. 

Courses Taught
SOC 101. Understanding Society
SOC 341. Criminology
SOC 421/521. Sociology and Film
SOC 424/524. Sociology of Food and Culture
SOC 401. Senior Capstone