Jennifer Hotzman

Research Affiliate

Ph.D. University of Florida, 2010

Research interests
Dr. Hotzman's primary area of specialization is craniofacial mechanics, with additional research interests in bioarchaeology. She has investigated the influence of dietary consistency on palatal morphology including the morphology of the palatal sutures particularly in macaques, colobines, papionins, and hominoids.  She has collected strain gage data from the palate in an effort to determine how this structure is loaded during incision and mastication in an effort to develop a better method of modeling this structure for comparative purposes.  She has employed methods such as micro-computed tomography and microindentation techniques to determine the material properties of the macaque bony palate.  She would like to shift her research into bioarchaeology, with an emphasis on health issues.

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Hotzman J, Gordon CC, Bradtmiller B, Corner BD, Mucher M, Kristensen S, Paquette S, and Blackwell CL (2012)  Measurer’s Handbook: US Army and Marine Corps Anthropometric Surveys, 2010-2011. Technical Report Natick/TR-11/017 (Project No. 62786/63001).  U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, MA.

Daegling, D.J., Hotzman J. L., McGraw W.S., Rapoff A.J. (2009) Material Property Variation of Mandibular Symphseal Bone in Colobine Monkeys.  Journal of Morphology, 270(2):194-204.

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