Katie James

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Ph.D. University of Georgia, 2015

Research Interests
Dr. Katie James’s research interests concern gender, justice, and unpaid labor.  She has examined the relationships between these areas in three domains: schools, families, and workplaces.  In schools, Dr. James analyzed the relationship between students’ perceptions of unfair treatment by teachers and students’ likelihood of participation in school violence.  In this piece, she found that having supportive adults in the school environment buffered the harmful relationship between perceiving unfair treatment from teachers and school violence.  In families, Dr. James investigated how women’s nonstandard work hours affect their perceptions of fairness of divisions of household labor.  In particular, she found that women who work nonstandard hours are less likely than women who work standard hours to view objectively unequal divisions of household labor as unfair.  In the workplace, Dr. James studied gender and organizational justice preferences.  In this piece, Dr. James and her co-authors argue that there is little support for the idea that men and women have fundamentally different justice orientations. In her dissertation, Dr. James considered an under-studied form of unpaid labor---elder care.  She identified patterns of elder care for a nationally representative sample and examined the effects of transitioning into care for aging parents.  She found that transitioning into sharing care of an aging parent in one’s residence is associated with reduced psychological well-being over time.  

Patterns of Elder Care, Transitions into Filial Care, and Caregiver Psychological Functioning

Selected Publications
James, Katie and Jody Clay-Warner.  2015.  “The Second Shift and the Nonstandard Shift: How Working Nonstandard Hours Affects the Relationship between the Division of Labor and Wives’ Fairness Perceptions.” Work and Family in the New Economy (Research in the Sociology of Work) 26: 35-59.

James, Katie, Jackson Bunch, and Jody Clay-Warner. 2015.  “Perceived Injustice and School Violence: An Application of General Strain Theory.” Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 13(2): 169-182.

Clay-Warner, Jody, Elizabeth Culatta, and Katie James.  2013.  Gender and Organizational Justice Preferences.  Sociology Compass 7(2): 1074-1084.

Courses Taught
SOC 101: Understanding Society
WS 301: Introduction to Women’s Studies

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Katie James CV