Matthew Ward

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2013

Research Interests
Broadly, my research lies at the intersection of social movements, immigration/border issues, and racial/ethnic disparities and minority social control. My research projects have focused on the foundations of social conflict and social movement mobilization surrounding Latino immigration to the United States. These projects have addressed such issues as: the emergence and development of contemporary nativist mobilization, recruitment into and support for nativist activism, where and why nativist organizations form, the extra-political consequences of nativist mobilization, as well as how unauthorized migrants become aware of and remain resilient in the face of contemporary nativist mobilization. Current projects build on these topics by examining forms of minority social control beyond oppositional mobilization. These projects investigate anti-black and anti-Latino hate crime activity, as well as the extent to which local law enforcement practices and racial/ethnic disparities in formal social control are shaped by dehumanizing institutions of the past, like slavery

Selected Publications
Martinez, Daniel and Matthew Ward. 2018. "Agency and Resilience Along the Arizona-Sonora Border: How Unauthorized Migrants Become Aware of and Resist Contemporary U.S. Nativist Mobilization. Social Problems, 65(4): 516-542

Ward, Matthew. 2017. "Opportunity, Resources, and Threat: Explaining Local Nativist Organizing in the United States." Sociological Perspectives, 60(3):459-478.

Ward, Matthew. 2016. "Rethinking Social Movement Micromobilization: Multi-Stage Theory and the Role of Social Ties." Current Sociology, 64(6):853-874.

Courses Taught
SOC 101: Understanding Society

SOC 355: Collective Behavior & Social Movements
SOC 460/560: Quantitative Methods
SOC 482/582: Sociological Theory

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Matthew Ward CV

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