Graduate Degrees

Masters in Anthropology

Fall 2019 Priority Application Deadline is March 15, 2019. Students who apply by March 15 will have first consideration for Graduate Assistantships.

The master's degree (MA) in Anthropology requires a minimum of 33 semester hours, 15 of which must be earned in course work at the 600 level or above; completion of a seminar in each of the three subfields (ANT 631, ANT 621, ANT 641); and completion of an approved thesis or project. The seminars are taken during the student's first year in the program. No more than 6 hours of field courses (ANT 516, ANT 536) and no more than 9 hours of independent study courses (ANT 692, ANT 792) will be applied to the degree. An acceptable proficiency in one foreign language, or proficiency in statistics is required. This may be satisfied by taking 6 hours of a foreign language at the 500 level or above, or by taking two graduate courses in statistical methods approved by the faculty. An outside minor of nine hours in an approved related field may be included toward the total hours required. Normally, minors are developed to augment specific anthropological interests and must be approved by the faculty. 

Comprehensive Examinations
The comprehensive examination entails a six-hour exam that covers major issues and knowledge relevant to the student's area of thesis or project research. Examinations will be administered on campus in early August prior to the start of the student's second year. Questions will be contributed and evaluated by the student's committee.

Thesis or Project
All students will complete independent research that culminates in a thesis or project.

List of Completed Thesis/Projects

Dual Master's Programs


Graduate Minors

The School of Social Science and Global Studies offers graduate minors in Anthropology and Sociology for students in the master's and doctoral degree programs of other departments. The general requirement for a graduate minor is nine (9) hours of course work at the graduate level (500 or 600).

Students wishing to teach sociology at the community college level are required to have eighteen (18) hours of course work. It is suggested that these students take SOC 560 (Quantitative Methods), SOC 562 (Methods of Social Research), and SOC 582 (Sociological Theory) as nine (9) of their 18 hours if these courses were not taken as an undergraduate. Contact the School at 601.266.4964 for additional information.


Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Studies

The Graduate Non-Profit Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program which provides students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for work in the non-profit sector. This certificate program is appropriate for current Southern Miss graduate students who wish to pursue career in the nonprofit sector as well as individuals with a baccalaureate degree who are currently employed in or wish to transition to the nonprofit sector and need additional or specialized training.

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Contact Information

If you are interested in or have questions about the program, please contact:

Ann Marie Kinnell
Associate Professor of Sociology
Director, Nonprofit Studies Program
The University of Southern Mississippi