Jasmine Whiteside

What year did you graduate from USM? 2015

What was your major? Sociology

What are you currently doing? Graduate Student in a Masters and Ph.D  program in Sociology at The Ohio State University







What did you enjoy most/ find most useful about your classes in your major or graduate program? I enjoyed having the freedom to discuss everyday societal issues in classes with people from differing backgrounds. In class, we did not always agree with each other, but it was a joy to be amongst fellow students who looked beyond the surface of normal and what seemed unorthodox. For example, I have always had a strong interest in education and poverty, yet, there are many stereotypes about people from poor backgrounds and people who are uneducated. Our discussions, however, were not led by these stereotypes, but were instead founded by prior research, theories and data. In summation, having a sociological foundation allows me to look beyond ones race, gender, income and more when examining their lived experiences. This is a skill that has come to great value to me in my own research studying the educational attainment of diverse individuals as well as with my everyday interactions.

What have you been doing since you graduated? After graduating from The University of Southern Mississippi, I applied to several graduate programs in a wide variety of fields ranging from Public Affairs, to Social Work to Sociology. I decided to stick with sociology and I am currently enrolled in the sociology Masters/Phd program at The Ohio State University. I have no regrets.

What advice would you give to students who are either getting a degree or considering a degree in anthropology or sociology? I would say that gaining a degree in anthropology or sociology from The University of Southern Mississippi teaches you a lot more than how to pass a test or remember lectures. It teaches you about the complexity of cultures and how societies flow. It helps you really understand what true diversity looks like. For me, understanding what makes others unique brings me great joy and makes life exciting!

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