M.A. Graduates


You can find an electronic version of theses completed in Fall 2011 and beyond on Aquila

Nicholas Heath Glass (Spring 2018) - Thesis Title: Revisiting Magee: A Mississippian Mound Center Site.

H. Denise LoPresto Saucier (Spring 2018) - Thesis Title: From Dago to White: The Story of Sicilian Ethnic Evolution in New Orleans Amidst the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1905.

Stephanie Evans Thomas (Fall 2017) - Thesis Title: Lois Lenski, A Friend to Children: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of a Children's Book Author.

Stephanie Leigh-Ann Guest (Summer 2017) - Thesis Title: A Microdebitage Analysis of the Winterville Mounds Site (22WS500)

Elizabeth Kay Hunt (Summer 2017) - Thesis Title: Austin (22TU549): Mississippian Emergence in the Northern Yazoo Basin

Dawn Adelaide Seymour Klos (Summer 2017) - Thesis Title: When we were Monsters: Ethnogenesis in Medieval Ireland 800-1366

Heather Marie Guzik (Fall 2016) - Thesis Title: Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Development of Upper Arm Musculoskeletal Stress Markers in Late Adolescents and Young Adults of Archaic and Mississippian Populations of Tennessee

Kori Nadine Armstrong (Summer 2016) - Thesis Title: Being with Bees: An Anthropological Study of Human-Animal Relations in Southern Beekeeping

Ronald Wise Jr. (Summer 2016) - Thesis Title: The Organization of Technology in the Pine Hills of Mississippi

Christopher Brady Davis (Fall 2015) - Thesis Title: Paleopathology at the Shady Grove Site (22QU525): A Study of Health in the Upper Yazoo Basin during the Middle Mississippian Period

Katie Grant-McLemore (Fall 2015) - Thesis Title: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Oak View Landing (40DR1): An Archaic Population in the Kentucky Lake Reservior

Nicole Marie Musselwhite (Fall 2015) - Thesis Title: Burial Chronological Sequencing of the Colonial Maya Cemetery at Tipu, Belize using Flouride Ion Analysis

Yingkun Hou (Summer 2015) - Thesis Title:An Ethnography of Taste: Craft Beer Culture in Hattiesburg

David Benjamin Abott Jr (Spring 2015) - Thesis Title: Unsortable Wares: A Petrographic Analysis of Addis Temper from the Fatherland Site (22AD501), Adams County, Mississippi

Matthew Clark Greer (Fall 2014) - Thesis Title: Did Money Matter? Interpreting the Effect of Displayed Wealth on Social Relations Within an Enslaved Community

Jaimie Arlene Ide (Fall 2014) - Thesis Title: One Big Puzzle, Two Thousand Tiny Pieces: An Analysis of the Juvenile Remains From the Shady Grove Ossuary

Angela Nicole Smith (Fall 2014) - Project Title: Social Value, Cultural Context, and Human-Centered Decision-Making: An Anthropological Approach to Strategic Planning in a Community-Based Nonprofit

Laura Natalie Yurka (Fall 2014) - Thesis Title: An Evaluation of Metric Methods of Race Differentiation in the Human Pelvic Girdle for the Application of Expert Witness Testimony

Jeffrey Clifford Auerbach (Summer 2014) - Thesis Title: The Effects of the Nat Turner Slave Revolt on the Health and Welfare of 19th-Century Slaves in Southeastern Virginia

Matthew Corbin Lance (Summer 2014) - Thesis Title: Selling Tradition: Impression Management and Draft Animal Agriculture of a Mississippi Farmstead

Monica N. Labit (Summer 2014) - Project Title: Needs Assessment of the Latino Immigrant Community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Samuel Michael Huey (Spring 2014) - Thesis Title: Prehistoric Life on the Mississippi Coast: Chronology and Function of Ceramics from Three Shell Middens in the Grand Bay Estuary

Jennifer Lynn Funkhouser (Spring 2014) - Thesis Title: A Paleopathological Analysis of the Moran French Colonial Cemetery.

Justin D. Beavers (Summer 2013) - Thesis Title: The Oaks: Interpretation and Analysis of the Support Structures of a 19th Century Urban Farmstead.

Claire M. Dansereau (Summer 2013) - Thesis Title: Analysis of Post-Cranial Traits for the Assessment of Biological Distance among Temporally Distinct New World Populations of African Descent.

Emma E. Strong (Summer 2013) - Project Title: Virtual Model Creation and Web Hosting of Several Prehistoric Sites of Mississippi. The link to the website is: https://sites.google.com/site/eestrongthesisproject/

Michelle Renee Hammond (Spring 2013) - Thesis Title: Settlement, Mobility, and the Organization of Technology at the Clark Lake Site (22SH535): A Small Scale Woodland Settlement.

Kristin Danielle Little (Spring 2013) - Project Title: Obesity in Southern Mississippi: A Big Healty Problem.

Tabitha Denae Epperson (Fall 2012) - Thesis Title: A Place Like Home

Kelly Jo Davila (Spring 2012) - Thesis Title: Distant Neighbors: Negotiating Space and Urban Development in a Southern Mississippi Community

Barbara Ann Hester (Spring 2012) - Thesis Title: Cross-Cultural Contact on Ship Island Mississippi: An Analysis of the French Warehouse Site Ceramic Assemblage from an Aboriginal and Engendered Perspective

Patricia Lynn Miller-Beech (Spring 2012) - Thesis Title: German POWs, Biopolitics, & the Piney Woods: Using Foucault to Analyze Resistance at Camp Shelby's POW Camp during World War II

Heather Kay Sanchez  (Spring 2012) - Thesis Title: East of the Tracks: Grassroots Environmentalism in South Mississippi

Amanda Rose Harvey (Fall 2011) - Thesis Title: Consequences of Contact: An Evaluation of Childhood Health Pattern using Enamel Hypoplasias Among the Colonial Maya of Tipu

Cassie Mechelle Chandler (Fall 2011) - Thesis Title: The Relationship between Salivary Cortisol Levels and Stressful Behaviors upon the Introduction of a New Exhibit Mate in Captive Black and Gold Howler Monkeys (Alouatta caraya) at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Danielle Nicole Cook (Fall 2011) – Thesis Title: An Analysis of Ancestry at the French Colonial Cemetery at the Moran Site (22HR511), Biloxi, Mississippi

Stacy Ann Scott (Fall 2011) - Thesis Title: The Shady Grove Site (22QU525), Quitman County, Mississippi:  Analysis of Demographics and Mortuary Practices

Donald Louis Craig (Spring 2011) - Thesis Title: The Deer Island Site (22HR500) Prehistoric Ceramics and Their Meaning on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Angela Kristin Vandenbroek (Fall 2010) - Thesis Title: Who I am/am Not: Identity and Practice Among Muslim American Women in Louisiana

Jennifer Winter (Fall 2010) - Thesis Title: Features of Habit: An Archaeological Assessment of Patterns in the Arrangement of Historic German-Russian Farmsteads in Hutchinson County, South Dakota.

Diana Flosenzier (Summer 2010) - Thesis Title: Mississippian Feasting in the Lower Mississippi Valley: Archaeobotanical Analysys of two Features from Winterville Mounds (22WS500)

Michael Fedoroff (Fall 2009) - Thesis Title: Earth-Oven Technology in the Mississippi Pine Hills: An Experimental Approach to Archaeological Investigations and Method Development

Jessica Kowalski (Summer 2009) - Thesis Title: The Early Mississippian Period in the Southern Yazoo Basin: An Analysis of Ceramics from the Winterville Site (22WS500)

Nicole Harris (Spring 2009) - Thesis Title: Acculturation in Southern Louisiana: Cajun and Native American Foodway, 1755-1955.

Cindy Ponder ( Spring 2009) - Thesis Title: A Systematic Study of Wound Differentiation Dependent on Bullet Construction Variability.

Julie Shedd (Spring 2009) - Thesis Title: Anthropological Literature on Social Phobia: An Examination of Publishing and Indexing Patterns.

Matthew Freeman (Fall 2008) - Thesis Title: Cultural Complexity at Deathly Silent (22FO826): A Middle Woodland Mound in the Mississippi Pine Hill.

Susan Olin (Fall 2008) - Thesis Title: Slave Labor and Ceramics: A Statistical Analysis from Mount Locust Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi.

David Martin (Fall 2008) - Thesis Title: A Bioarchaeological Comparison of Childhood Health in Two Nineteenth Century Populations from New York.

Catherine Bowers (Summer 2008) - Thesis Title: Consuming Bollywood in Print and on Screen.

Tiffany Hensley (Summer 2008)

Andy Thompson (Summer 2008) - Thesis Title: Reconstructing Life in the Protohistoric Southeast: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Oliver Site (22CO503), Coahoma Co, Mississippi.

Natalie Brooke Cruthirds (Spring 2008) - Thesis Title: Crazy or Hungry: Oral Accounts of Continuity and Change in a Mississippi Gulf Coast Commercial Fishing Fleet.

Ashley Marie Siedell (Summer 2007) - Thesis Title: Racial Health Disparities in the Antebellum South: The Childhood Disease Experience in Nineteenth Century Natchez

Daniel Benjamin Zivin (Summer 2007) - Thesis Title: An Analysis of Secular Change and Sex and Race Differences in the Sacrum.

Miranda Dawn Page (Spring 2007) - Thesis Title: Dietary Reconstruction Through Stable Isotope Analysis at the Moran French Colonial Cemetery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Erin Royal ( Spring 2007) - Thesis Title: The Maya Classic Collapse in an Urban Environment: A Study of Enamel Defects in Human Teeth from Tikal, Guatemala

Krista Lynee Burleigh (Fall 2006) - Thesis Title: Use of Radiographs of Patients with Arthritis and Pain Questionnaire Results to Aid in the Identification of Forensic Anthropology Cases

James M. Pittman (Fall 2006) - Thesis Title: The Construction of Alfombra and Identity in La Antigua Guatemala

Jason A. Gardner (Fall 2005) - Thesis Title: An Analysis of Ceramics from the Andrews Place Site (1MB1), Southern Mobile County, Alabama

Patricia Condon (Fall 2005) - Thesis Title: Move Beyond: Education, African Americans & the American Dream in the Jim Crow South

Bryan Tate (Summer 2005) - Thesis Title: Architecture, Archaeology and Landscape at Saragossa and Mount Locust Plantations in the Natchez District of Mississippi

Jeffrey Caillouet (Spring 2005) - Thesis Title: Roadside Memorials: A Cultural Response to Sudden Death along Pearl River County Roadways

Stacey L. Young (Fall 2004) - Thesis Title: An Analysis of Sub-Floor Pits and What Their Use Implies About Slave Lifeways and African-American Culture

Valerie A. Plested(Summer 2004) - Thesis Title: Place in Irish Traditional Music: An Analysis of Tune Repertory and Musicians

Brad J. Kavan (Summer 2004) - Thesis Title: The Rise and Decline of Mobile Street: Race and the Impact of Camp Shelby on African-American Hattiesburg

Kelly McAllister (Spring 2004) - Thesis Title: A Little Turn-of-the 20th Century Town in the Piney Woods: An Ethnohistorical Examination of Howison, Mississippi

Phillip Hodge (Spring 2004) - Thesis Title: Revisting Archusa Creek: An Analysis of Middle and Late Gulf Formational Ceramics from Southeast Mississippi

Dale Norton (Spring 2004) - Thesis Title: Intersite Relationship Analysis: Comparative Study Between Two Prehistoric Cemeteries in Northeastern Alabama Using Discrete Genetic Traits and Mortuary Material Remains

Justin Murphy (Summer 2003) - Thesis Title: Conflicting Notions of Identity: An Ethnographic Analysis of Irish Americans in New Orleans

Mason W. Sheffield (Summer 2003) - Thesis Title: Archaic Faunal Exploitation in the Lower Mississippi Valley: Analysis of Faunal Remains from Plum Creek Archaic (16OU89)

Lisa R. Colonias (Summer 2002) - Thesis Title: Death on the River: The Paleopathology of William’s Landing (1JA306), Jackson County, Alabama

George I. Philis (Summer 2002) - Thesis Title: Language and Identity in Corsican Public Discourse

Kristi E. Turner (Fall 2002) - Thesis Title: Discrete Skeletal Traits: Activity Related or Genetic? A Cross-Cultural Examination of Factors Affecting the Formation of Post-Cranial Discrete Traits on the Human Skeleton

Jennifer M. Abraham (Summer 2001) - Thesis Title: Ethnoarchaeology of Rural African-American Houseyards, Natchez Mississippi

Abdullah Alajmi (Fall 2001) - Thesis Title: Poetry and the State the Politics of Nabat Tradition in Kuwait

Rita D. Fields (Summer 2001) - Thesis Title: Settlement Organization, Site Variability, and the Organization of Technology in the Pine Hills: An Intersite Study of the Oo-Oo-Lation Site (22GN668) and Tanya’s Knoll (22WA642)

Jessica L. Allgood (Fall 2001) - Thesis Title: The Diamondhead Site (22HA550): Subsistence and Human Adaption on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Emily Cooley (Fall 2000) - Thesis Title: Karate is Kata: Understanding Purpose in Seibukan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Through Kata

Brody K. Fredericksen (Summer 2000) - Thesis Title: Subsistence Reconstruction in the Tombigbee River Valley Using Dental Microwear and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Michael C. Dunn (Fall 1999) - Thesis Title: An Analysis of Lithic Artifacts from the Swamp Child Site (22FO666): An Investigation into Site Function and Adaptive Strategies

Scot J. Keith (Summer 1998) - Thesis Title: Settlement and Lithic Organization from the Paleoindian through Late Woodland at the Sandhill Site (22-Wa-676), Southeast Mississippi

Michael W. Tuma (Summer 1998) - Thesis Title: Subsistence Patterns at Immokakina’Fa’, an Early Colonial Period Chickasaw Village: Change Following European Contact

Christopher G. Davies (Summer 1997) - Thesis Title: Caddoan Utilization of the Uplands in the Middle Red River Region

Grace F. Keith (Spring 1997) - Thesis Title: A Technological Analysis of Ceramics from the Leaf River Drainage, Southeast Mississippi 

Diane F.D. Ross (Fall 1997) - Thesis Title: Where the Psyche and Society Meet: A Cross-Cultural Survey and Analysis of Marking on the Skin

Karen C. Gecewicz (Fall 1996) – Thesis Title: Between a Rock and Hard Place: Host Hostility and a West African, Lebanese Middleman Minority Community

Angele M. Montana (Spring 1996) – Thesis Title: An Analysis and Interpretation of the Shellfish Remains from the Diamondhead Site (22HA550), Hancock County, Mississippi

Douglas P. Ryan (Fall 1996) – Thesis Title: The Importance of Tissue Depths VS. Cranial Formations in the Identifications of Humans by Facial Reconstruction

Richard L. Herndon (Summer 1995) – Thesis Title: Architectural Correlates of Mississippian Chiefdoms: A Case Study of the Moundville and Lubbub Creek Chiefdoms

Joseph A. Giliberti (Summer 1995) – Thesis Title: San Patrice and Related Early Tool Assemblage from the Beaumont Gravel Pit Site (22PE504) A Late Paleoindian Site in South Mississippi

Qingfen Shi (Fall 1994) – Thesis Title: Church Maintenance and Development a Case Study of a Nondenominational Church

Kristrina S. Herndon (Summer 1994) – Thesis Title: The Children of Tipu: Gender, Health, and Social Change in a 16th Century Maya Population

Charlotte A. Williams (Fall 1993) – Thesis Title: The Bioarchaeology of the Cofferdam Site (22LO599), in Lowndes County, Mississippi

John G. Fulmer (Summer 1992) – Thesis Title: An Examination of Contemporary African Hunter-Gatherers From a Historical and Regionalist Perspective

Terrell N. Taylor (Summer 1992) – Thesis Title: An Ethnohistoric Perspective of Rituals and Materials Found in Folk Burial Practices, Yucatan, Mexico

W.E. Guyton (Fall 1991) – Thesis Title: Paradigm Lost: Perspectives on the Foundations of Classic Maya Religion and World View

Al-Ahmary Abdullah (Summer 1990) – Thesis Title: New Medina, Mississippi: The Building of a Model Islamic Community

John E. Jr. Cornelison (Summer 1989) – Thesis Title: Skate Culture: A Case Study in Small Group Organization

Barbara J.L. Lee (Fall 1989) – Thesis Title: Porotic Hyperostosis and Social Status Among the Maya at Altar de Sacrificios

B.D. Edrington (Fall 1987) – Thesis Title: Application of Remote Sensing Technology to Archaeological Research

Stella I. Wheat (Spring 1987) – Thesis Title: Rites of Passage: Female Adolescents And Perceptions of Adult Status

Lisa H. Spencer (Summer 1985) – Thesis Title: Modernization and the Prestige of the Aged

John H. Blitz (Spring 1984) – Thesis Title: An Archaeological Study of the Mississippi Choctaw Indians

Laurie E. Hirschenhofer (Summer 1983) – Thesis Title: An Analytical View of Sex Roles Exhibited in a Southern Black Pentecostal Church

Mark F. Deleon (Summer 1981) – Thesis Title: A Study of the Environment and Prehistoric Occupation in the Black Creek Basin of the Piney Woods of South Mississippi

Alline McKines (Summer 1980) – Thesis Title: Selective Factors Influencing Attitudes of Blacks Toward Mental Health

William F. Coston (Spring 1979) – Thesis Title: Youth in Sport: A Sociological Analysis of Values and Attitudes in a Dixie League Baseball Program

Oren L. Walley (Summer 1979) – Thesis Title: A Descriptive Study of the Choctaw Indian Community in the Urban Area of Pascagoula, Mississippi

Eugene D. Kaufman (Spring 1976) – Thesis Title: Altruism Perception and Attitudes Concerning Alcoholics Among Attendees of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse Workshops

William L. Dean (Summer 1974) – Thesis Title: Major Issues in the Study of Social Stratification

Larry W. Simmons (Summer 1974) – Thesis Title: Facial Stereotypes of Black Deviants and Judgments of Guilt or Innocence as a Function of Perceiver’s Race and Sex

Kevin Reid (Spring 1972) – Thesis Title: Catholic Priests of Mississippi; A Sociological Study

Jon A. Schlenker (Spring 1972) – Thesis Title: Family Help Patterns Among Married University Students