Sociology Minor

The Undergraduate Minor

Students minoring in sociology must take 18 semester hours in the department, including SOC 101 and additional classes of their choice.


The Graduate Minor

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology offers a graduate minor in Sociology for students in the master's and doctoral degree programs of other departments. The general requirement for the graduate minor is nine (9) hours of course work at the graduate level (500 or 600). Students wishing to teach sociology at the community college level are required to have eighteen (18) hours of course work. It is suggested that these students take SOC 560 (Quantitative Methods), SOC 562 (Methods of Social Research), and SOC 582 (Sociological Theory) as nine (9) of their 18 hours if these courses were not taken as an undergraduate.

Graduate courses most commonly offered by the department include:
SOC 515 Sociology of Gender
SOC 521 Sociological Topics (content varies according to instructor)
SOC 523 Sociology of Health
SOC 524 Sociology of Aging
SOC 525 Food, Culture and Society
SOC 526 Sociology of Education
SOC 527 Sociology and Film
SOC 544 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 550 Social Psychology
SOC 560 Quantitative Methods (Statistics)
SOC 562 Methods of Social Research
SOC 582 Sociological Theory
SOC 692 Special Study Projects in Sociology (Work will be under the direction of graduate faculty)