Cadre - Student Relationships

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                                    24 February 2016



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre and cadets of The University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  MEMORANDUM #5, Cadre – Student Relationships- Conduct



1.  PURPOSE.  Provide command policy regarding improper relationships in the Golden Eagle Battalion.


2.  The Cadre and Cadets of this organization remain on stage in the eyes of the University Community, Faculty, Students, and Cadets.  We represent the United States Army, and the beliefs and attributes of professionalism in their eyes.   Our conduct is always on display and their perceptions of us will form their perceptions of the Army.  All of our Battalion will always exhibit professional conduct, which reflects favorably on themselves, the University of Southern Mississippi, Cadet Command and the Army.


3.  Fraternization is any improper relationship between superiors and subordinates.  Military personnel must recognize that any form of social contact which is perceived as favoritism, preferential treatment, or exploitation by rank is improper.  Fraternization is not limited to sexual activity. 


4.  The Army outlines the improper relationship policy in Army Regulation 600-20, paragraph 4-14.  Listed below are some unique prohibitions in our environment:


            a.  Cadre and Cadets cannot attend the same private parties, unless the Command or Brigade Commander authorizes attendance


            b.  Cadre and Cadets cannot date or solicit dates from each other


            c.  Cadre and Cadets cannot visit or invite to personal residences of the other, unless authorized by the Command or Brigade Commander authorizes visit


            d.  Cadre and Cadets cannot inappropriately touch or engage in any form of sexual activity


            e.  Cadre and Cadets cannot employ, paid or unpaid, the other to perform any personnel services for themselves or Family members


5.  Violations of the CG’s policy may result in adverse actions under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and/or other adverse administration action.


4.  Cadre members are also bound by any provision of a college or university policy, which may be more stringent than the provisions of the CG’s policy memorandum.  


7.  POC is the undersigned at 601-266-4458.


                                                      Golden Eagles!





                                                                              JOSEPH L. SWINDLE

                                                                              LTC, Aviation

                                                                              Professor of Military Science